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The Internet

+ - UK Minister backs 'open internet'

Submitted by Simmeh
Simmeh writes: In a clarification of his comments last week, Ed Vaizey has come out saying he supports an 'open internet' and denies claims he ever said he backs a 'fast lane' service. "What I announced as far as I was concerned was business as usual – an important statement that the government was alive to these issues and prepared to intervene in the future. I am absolutely as one with someone like Tim Berners-Lee”

+ - Loss of ice on Mt. Everest is "Devastating" 2

Submitted by Simmeh
Simmeh writes: The BBC reports on new photos of the Himalayas taken from exactly the same position as ones from 1929 and compares the ice coverage. The Asia Society who did the groundwork are quoted as saying "If the present rate of melting continues, many of these glaciers will be severely diminished by the middle of this century.". I guess the previous claim wasn't too unrealistic.

+ - Steven Fry claims UK TV is like a chicken nugget-> 1

Submitted by Simmeh
Simmeh writes: Steven Fry has so eloquently stated that British TV is like a chicken nugget — "...Every now and again we all like it. Every now and again." On the plus side he praised US television for providing "surprise and shock and adulthood". He currently presents QI, an irreverent myth busting quiz and is Britain's most famous tweeter.
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+ - Details emerge on Windows "Browser Choice"

Submitted by Simmeh
Simmeh writes: Microsoft have posted screenshots and details on their upcoming "web browser choice screen". Requirements include being in Europe, and having Internet Explorer set as your default browser. It comes with a few surprises, as the software automatically unpins Internet Explorer from your taskbar, and offers 11 alternative browsers.

+ - HP Webcam fails to track black people->

Submitted by Simmeh
Simmeh writes: DVICE has reported on a hilarious youtube video demonstrating HP's face-tracking webcam, showing how it works perfectly on a white women, and fails on a black man. Its more likely the lighting has caused this failure, rather than HP racism as the article declares but at least HP are looking into the issue.
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+ - Liquid helium leak puts skids on LHC ->

Submitted by Simmeh
Simmeh writes: The LHC fire brigade got some excitement today when liquid helium started venting from their favourite particle accelerator. As we all know, liquid helium is used to keep those magnets nicely beer chilled. From the article:

"The failure, known as a quench, caused around 100 of the LHC's super-cooled magnets to heat up by as much as 100C.
The fire brigade were called out after a tonne of liquid helium leaked into the tunnel at Cern, near Geneva.
The LHC beam will remain turned off over the weekend while engineers investigate the severity of the fault.
A spokesman for Cern told the BBC it was not yet clear how soon progress could resume at the £3.6bn ($6.6bn) particle accelerator."

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