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Comment: Re:Eh? Is that criminal still working? (Score -1, Flamebait) 921

by SilverspurG (#14619973) Attached to: The President, The State of the Union, and Genetics
I advise you strongly to abort your comments criticizing the government in any form, in any forum.

Ridicule is the psychological weapon of the supporters of unchecked authority. If they do not find you here on Slashdot they will identify you indirectly in society--in public, at pubs, at your job, in any social forum which you find.

Do yourself a favor. Give in to the unquestionable authority of those in power. They know what is best for you. You will only earn yourself a life of misery should you ever manage to make a real argument.

Asynchronous inputs are at the root of our race problems. -- D. Winker and F. Prosser