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New circle, same as the old circle

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  • ...a Beowulf Cluster of Circular Refuges. Across all of the social networks. Covered in hot grits. ;)

  • The one who's name I can't remember. Was it Multiply?

    • TL;DR it became a shopping site in the Philippines and then went belly-up. True story.

      Multiply was sold to some entity overseas. Apparently the shopping had always been there, but we were never really noticed. It was huge in Asia. Anyway, in December 2012, they shut down the social networking part of the site, which seemed really dumb because it turns out that the stores actually used the blog part of the site for their goods and there was actually never any sort of shopping cart system on the site to b

      • That's actually a GREAT Internet story. There aren't better gags in episodes of Futurama.

      • by HBI (604924)

        Great, i'm no worse off than anyone else now. I used the script that was graciously provided - and I got out about a year and a half before the end came, apparently.

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