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Journal SiliconJesus's Journal: Oracle Training 5

So, as I type this in, I'm sitting in a cramped classroom in Washington DC (at the corners of Vermont and L if anyone's close) learning 'Oracle Basics'. I hope to come away with enough knowledge to be a decent 'one off' DBA, but time will tell. I've already learned much regarding the internal data structures inside Oracle, but have not been able to pry from the brains of the DBA's I've worked with.

In my class is a former co-worker (although we didn't know each other, he worked in Platinum Services as an Account Manager, I worked in Unix Techops) and we shared stories about mutual previous co-workers over Quiznos. Interesting to see things from a different perspective from an old job.

I spent Sunday working on new steps for my house to access the rear yard. $263 in lumber / parts and 10 hours of labor later, we have it 90% done. We need to put in the railings betweens the posts and it will be complete. I've got a beaut of a sunburn on the back of my neck and on my forearms, and I'm tired as hell, but overall in good spirits.

Pictures will be forthcoming. I'm commuting 3 hours / day this week, so I'm not sure how much time I'll have for pictures.

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Oracle Training

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  • Some Guy is currently sitting in whatever they call the advanced Oracle class. He took the basic one a few months ago.
  • Delphi, chaldean, nechung, or other?

    But i bet you saw that one coming!

    *grins and runs away*
  • I'll be downtown till about 6:30 or 7:00, if you're interested in meeting-up for a drink at about 5:45/5:50.

    The same might also apply for tommorrow, but details aren't set yet.

    Stop in to #plastic on chat.plastic.com (via IRC or web-to-irc client available at http://chat.plastic.com/ [plastic.com] if interested to arrange details.

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