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Comment: Re:"as a Service" = you have to buy it Every Year? (Score 1) 79 79

All they need to do is to ask their nerd friend.

- Raawh! Windows subscription payment! What is this rubbish? I'm not paying anything! Joe, can you do something about this?
- There is Ubuntu, which is free.
- Good. Is that the Linux thingy?
- Well, technically it is GNU/Linux. You see, Linux is only the...
- Whatever! Does it come with Internet?
- Sure.
- Ok. Here's my laptop. Can you install Ubanto for me?
- It will take only few moments.
- Thanks, kid. I'll buy you some beer.

Comment: Re:"as a Service" = you have to buy it Every Year? (Score 1) 79 79

I do not suspect so. People are used to getting Windows bundled with their computers. If those people suddenly have to start paying for Windows, they would get annoyed and start digging deeper for free alternatives. Eventually they would find Ubuntu and that would begin to hurt Microsoft's business.

Comment: Re:iTunes never cared about directories so why tag (Score 2) 283 283

iTunes will leave the songs where they are OR will organize them into artist/album/song.ext for you if you choose. Those are two little checkboxes in the preferences, pretty sure the default is to move them into your iTunes library structure and organize them.

You have to have a seriously messed up configuration before it just dumps them into the same directory. I have experienced what you're referring to but I also do a bunch of weird crap with an AFP on a FBSD box using a ZFS store for it all, so I have a seriously messed up configuration :)

Comment: Re:Looking to move off of iTunes (Score 1) 283 283

Or you could just not use the service that's been available for years already and you've not been using.

What the summary is referring to is NOT iTunes Music, it is iTunes Match, which is not even a little new. iTunes Music includes iTunes Match for free.

So why do you suddenly switch from iTunes because you don't like a service thats been out for years and you don't use, but just now discovered does something you don't like?

$10 says you don't use iTunes anyway and are just trolling.

Either way you're a douche

Comment: Re:Apple = Buggy (Score 2) 283 283

I'm not even using Apple Music and the update wiped out all the music on my iPhone.

Didn't seem to effect millions of other people. Did it ever occur to you that maybe you made a mistake somewhere in the process? Lets assume its Apple's fault ... so one ... out of millions broke ... and if it happened to anyone else, would you still feel the same way? I doubt it.

so I can't even synch it back on.

... And you weren't smart enough to have backups? Who's fault is that exactly? Your ID is lower than mine, that puts you in the 90s somewhere for signing up with slashdot ... and you still don't know to make backups? With that said, I can safely assume your first complaint is also an error on your part.

Apple's quality has really dropped the last couple of years.

Everyone's allowed to have their own subjective opinion, doesn't make yours anymore true.

Comment: Re:Indeed (Score 1) 378 378

Yes, we get the picture. You are a SJW who can't cope with the world being full of assholes and think you can change it. Because of that, you're confident that you are 100% correct and everyone who disagrees with you is an evil asshole.

I say this not knowing who you are or very little about GamerGate because the whole thing is fucking stupid. Same shit happens to males too, you just don't pay attention and don't care so you're ignorant of it.

Your argument has nothing to do with social justice or ethics in gaming, you're just ranting about your perceived slighting of others.

The only difference between men and women here is that ... no, no real difference, just a few loud mouth blowhards who think they have to save the world from itself when they can't even cope with it themselves.

Comment: Re:Competent Authorities (Score 1) 144 144

Assange is a hypocrite that lets his personal agenda and politics determine what he releases.

If you can't understand why that matters you really can't be part of the conversation, sorry. You need to learn to think for yourself, critically.

But riddle me this, what does his work have to do with the fact that he's a criminal? He's a criminal with or without his work. When you look at his 'work' and notice he does the same lying bullshit to manipulate reality. He modifies what he release to show parts that promote his agenda and leaves out context which shows that what he presents is nothing like he claims.

You trust a man that lies about EVERYTHING HE DOES to provide you with all the facts about how others are lying? Idiotic

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