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Comment Re:Will Linux on the Desktop arrive this century? (Score 1) 107

I do agree that Linux as a desktop has gotten better since then, especially on laptops.

I have to disagree. These days there are a shitload of problems specifically on laptops: suspend/hibernate, hotkeys/leds, screen brightness adjustment, power management, graphics switching, audio pin mapping, touchpad...

Comment Bullshit headline, it doesn't work. (Score 3, Interesting) 156

Its also bullshit on iOS 9.2.1.

I just set it to exactly midnight EPOCH, I set it to before epoch and I set it back to now. Rebooted multiple times all along the way.

My phone works fine.

I got kicked out of anything authenticated the instant I did the change since doing so effectively renders every certificate on the device invalid as it is suddenly years before the certs were 'issued' but thats exactly as expected.

I pretty much can't find any truth in the story. It claims you can't scroll back that far in the date/time picker without open and closing multiple times, yet here I am with just a bunch of finger flicks looking at the date/time as Dec 1969 right this very moment and I did so without having to enter it multiple times.

Dear slashdot, you have been trolled. Please stop believing the random shit you read on the internet.

Submission + - Fresh Wayland Experiences With Weston, GNOME, KDE and Enlightenment

jones_supa writes: Software developer Pavlo Rudyi has written a blog post about his experiences with the various desktop environments currently supporting Wayland. The results are not a big surprise, but nevertheless it is great to see the continued interest in Wayland and the ongoing work by many different parties in ensuring that Wayland will eventually be able to dominate the Linux desktop. To summarize, Pavlo found Weston to be "good", GNOME is "perfect", KDE is "bad", and Enlightenment is "good." He also created a video from his testing. Have you done any testing – what's your experience?

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Do you still have a pager? Do you find it useful?

Chance Callahan writes: I am starting a business, helping a friend with his own startup, and volunteering regularly with a major political campaign (#feelthebern). One thing I have noticed is that my phone likes to die at the most inconvenient times and leaves me out of touch with people. With the business I'm starting requiring clients to be able to get ahold me quickly, I have been seriously considering getting a two-way pager. It's much easier swap out a AA battery once a month then to worry "will client X be able to get ahold me in the event of an emergency?".

So, Slashdot, the million dollar question is, in the age of cell phones, do you have a pager? Do you still find it useful?

Comment Re:Uh huh... (Score 1, Insightful) 211

Look at the record of drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

You mean the ones that performed more strategically and killed fewer collateral targets than any wars before them ... EVER?

Operators actually call the victims "bug splat"

Yea, its called disconnecting, and they are trained to do so. Its the only way a morale and just person can spend their days killing people. You don't want the guys who can do it all day long and call it what it is doing it, those people are dangerous and enjoy murder so they will do things that shouldn't be done.

On the other hand, most of the people doing these things are geeks just like you and me, well ... not like you, these guys have spines

Anyway, they are taught to behave that way so they can actually sleep at night, but hey, don't let your total lack of understanding of all things military stand in your way of judging people because you saw some highly edited video generated by a man with an agenda the size of greater Asia.

Comment Re:Uh huh... (Score 1) 211

In the 1920s, there were some who argued that aerial bombing would be more humane because they could be far more precise than field artillery, hitting only the target that you want to hit. Look how well that worked out.

Pretty well. We have laser and image recognition guidance systems that can't take out an individual pickup truck or go through the window of a house before destroying basically only the single house ...

I'd say they were right.

Comment Cisco gets a pass every time (Score 1) 78

Why do not open source aficionados more often criticize how the firmware of Cisco Systems hardware is not open source? Why is there no worry about backdoors either? There's a lot of yacking about UEFI backdoors, Windows telemetry, NSA surveillance, Facebook datamining... but Cisco seems to get a pass.

Submission + - Severe Vulnerability Lets Attackers Take Control of Cisco VPN Server Equipment (softpedia.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Cisco has released urgent security patches aimed at fixing a security vulnerability in some of its firewall equipment that employs several versions of Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) software. This equipment is used mainly in data centers and bigger enterprises. As soon as the news broke, attackers already started scanning the Internet for open ports. Since the vulnerability only affects devices configured to run as VPN servers, this means that they need to have open ports to the Internet by default, putting all devices in danger of being hijacked. A Shodan scan shows that over 5.8 million devices have those ports open, but not all are Cisco.

Submission + - Kim Jong-un Found to be Mac User

jones_supa writes: He might hate the United States, but he sure digs those designed-in-California computers. You probably wouldn't take Kim Jong-un as a Mac user. Usually, in photos of him checking out military computers, we see the North Korean dictator in front of a PC with a Dell monitor. However, a handful of photos of the supreme leader at his own desk show him with Macs, leading to the assumption that while the military may use PCs, his personal preference is Mac. Reuters correspondent James Pearson, who covers both Koreas, tweeted out a fresh image of little Kim using a MacBook Pro inside an aircraft. There are other images, including a 2013 image of Kim Jong-un at his desk with an iMac. That same year, the South Korean newspaper Chosun published a photo from North Korean Central News Agency, which features an Apple iMac. This might also explain why the country's home-grown Linux distribution Red Star imitates OS X.

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