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Comment I don't get it (Score 1) 131 131

So the argument all along has been

I don't want to have the same profile across all my google products but I want to login with the same profile across all the products

Which, to put it bluntly, is fucking retarded.

If you want different profiles, create different accounts. Your identity is your identity, its pretty stupid to use the same account across all the platforms but different names, the only person you're fooling is yourself, for everyone else we can still easily link your various google accounts to the same login, but hey, you go ahead and pretend because you can now use a different alias on youtube that no one can figure out who you are when you go trolling.

So big fucking woop, you don't have to give google the 3 lines it requires for a Google+ profile in one place ... now you're going to do it in EVERY place.

If you're one of the people who think this is good, you really are stupid and need to put your tin foil hat away. Its not even hiding you from anything.

Yes, this post is inflammatory, its supposed to be, its targeted at the trolls who think hiding behind their half assed pseudonym is clever even when logging in with the same email address/account everywhere.

Submission + - Debian Drops SPARC Platform Support

jones_supa writes: As SPARC isn't exactly the most alive architecture anymore, Debian operating system is dropping support for the platform, told Joerg Jaspert last week in the "debian-sparc" mailing list. He noted that this does not block a later comeback as "sparc64". Following that announcement, a recent one tells us that SPARC support was just removed from the unstable, experimental and jessie-updates channels.

Comment Re:HL3HL3HL3 (Score 2, Informative) 51 51

The Half-Life wiki has a good article called Future of the Half-Life series where you can follow the latest developments.

On March 19, Gabe Newell, when asked about Half-Life 3, replied: "The only reason we'd go back and do like a super classic kind of product is if a whole bunch of people just internally at Valve said they wanted to do it and had a reasonable explanation for why [they did]." This, like all of Valve's other statements regarding Half-Life 3, neither confirms nor denies the possibility that the game will eventually be made.

Comment Re:138 Million Artifacts (Score 1) 105 105

I hate to say that I agree. I'm reminded of one trip to the Smithsonian Museum of American History. There was a team of about seven curators there to put three items in a display case. They all seemed to be attentive but it was work that could be done by one person. I think there's a ton of featherbedding around the place. I bet they could have just put the suit in a dry box and that would have been enough. I doubt there's anything they can do to keep the rubber soft enough. But they've figured out how to tug at our heart strings.

Submission + - Battle For Wesnoth Seeks For New Developers->

jones_supa writes: Twelve years ago, David White sat down over a weekend and created the small pet project that we know today as the open source strategy game The Battle For Wesnoth. At the time, Dave was the sole programmer, working alongside Francisco Muñoz, who produced the first graphics. As more and more people contributed, the game grew from a tiny personal project into an extensive one, encompassing hundreds of contributors. Today however, the ship is sinking. The project is asking for help to keep things rolling. Especially requested are C++, Python, and gameplay (WML) programmers. Any willing volunteers should have good communication skills and preferably be experienced with working alongside fellow members of a large project. More details can be found at the project website.
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Comment Re:I don't think you want an OSI license. (Score 1) 85 85

real desire. It's totally possible to have a proprietary license with source provided to the customer.

That's still open source. Contrary to what Stallman and the libretards have tried to do and usurp the wording, open source doesn't mean giving it away for free. It means the source is available, maybe even at an additional cost.

It's only GPL fanboys that think OSS implies free. OSS software predates Stallman and FSF, GNU and GPL, he didn't come up with the idea ... He just tried to usurp it and twist it to his own narrow definition based on his viral agenda.

Comment Re:Good (Score 2, Insightful) 268 268

I fly drones (real ones, not this crap that DJI sells, those are just Quads with some halfassed flight controllers).

I think this is GREAT. This is simply common sense. Someone else's property is not yours to do with as you wish, that includes public lands.

Quads ARE DANGEROUS when they are large enough to carry a camera. A drop from even 10 feet above your head with a 5 pound object is MORE than enough to be RELIABLY LEATHAL.

Comment Re:He didn't prove any flaw (yet) (Score 1) 158 158

like the trunk which opens automatically when you put your foot under the car and you are nearby. This is just a big gift for thieves, just wait for tourists with a car full of stuff to leave their car, stand in the vicinity and put your foot under the car when they leave but they are still near enough to allow the trunk to open...

Awe, isn't that cute, you're talking about shit you know nothing about.

In order for that trunk to open, your key has to be within about 1/3rd of a meter from the trunk lock or it doesn't open, so if I'm close enough that you can get into the trunk that way, I'm also close enough to just beat your ass for trying, since you two are going to be well within my striking distance at that point. You'd be hard pressed to get your foot under there with me close enough because I'm going to be in between you and the sensor or the sensor is going to ignore you.

And by the way, that sensor ... its a kick button, not just an IR pickup or something.

Same for the doors, you have to be within about a foot of the door. You can't unlock the doors from the outside when the key is on the inside. You can't unlock or open any of the doors with the key at or more than a meter away from the door you're trying to unlock.

You're missing the point here. They know how to deal with keys reasonable well, this is not new. In fact anything that requires physical presence they are generally pretty good with these days. There isn't a lot new here even if you think keyless entry is, it isn't.

They don't know shit about dealing with radio connected cars that can be touched by people anywhere on the planet. THATS why this DAB thing is a possibility, previously the only people who could 'hack' the car, were physically in contact with the car, which is an easy problem to deal, Smith & Wesson sells a product for this. What they can't deal with is when some random person somewhere far away that you can't see or detect until your left front wheel locks up because someone remotely commanded the ABS/TCS system to lock the wheel. No one in the car would do that because it's dangerous to them. The dude sitting in his chair miles away? He'll do it because he's an arrogant prick that thinks he's special cause he downloaded some hax0r app where someone else did all the work and doesn't realize that being a script kiddie just makes him a douche, not powerful and impressive.

Comment Re:Music? (Score 1) 60 60

... Participating in the music (i.e. singing along or head banging) is more than just listening. Which is where you fail to understand my statement.

Simply listening to music in the background while doing another task nearly universally makes people more productive and more focused than without.

Bottom line, anything that distacts you from the task at hand, impairs your ability, contrary to what you may think.

No shit Sherlock, you figure that one out all by yourself? I'm fairly certain that we all know that before any of these studies even started, after all ... THATS THE MEANING OF DISTRACTION.

The point is that music itself is NOT distracting and is in fact helpful. Finding another excuse/distraction to not get the job done is the human's fault, not the music, but hey I'm guessing you're one of those guys that likes to have an excuse for everything, right?

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