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Comment Re:Schooling, perhaps? (Score 0) 519

Teachers are a part of the union and teachers *do* want the best for the children. - As of now, there's an opposite behavior teacher on the second page, where she power trips and behaves as a tyrant and needed to be warned by the administration.

This is what happens when you hire people who are in it for their own reasons rather than those who want to help others.

Comment Re: Ads are not acceptable. (Score 1) 523

hosts are more useful by far doing more for less for more speed, security, reliability, and anonymity

Technically true, but from the screenshot, I notice a lack of wildcards. This is extremely easy to defeat.

And speaking of the hosts file, why not make it a separate download so that one doesn't need to download an executable? The only thing visible from APK is a download link for a closed-source executable as opposed to the hosts file itself. Meanwhile, two other host file databases provide a download that doesn't require a separate installer.

If you going to download a "scary executable", then might as well go whole hog and pick a useful executable file - such as one which can detect new ad networks that popup, and where you can block them on the fly as needed.

You'd be better served being actually useful producing tools of the nature apk

Yes, I have produced a useful tool. It's fully customized for my personal need (which is now complete), and can be trivially adjusted. This would be an intercepting proxy server - even if it slows things down, it has the benefit of caching stuff to either mirror external websites or otherwise allow them to load quicker.

If you want my services (i.e. have that tool converted from specialized to general use), I'm available for 45 USD per hour.

(assuming you can program that is and somehow I doubt you can be that useful).

In that case, I'm available for 60 USD per hour. If you feel that programmers aren't that useful, then you can attempt a better solution yourself, then come to the expert programmers once you mess things up.

Comment Re: Another case... (Score 1) 102

By definition, any code that allows an exploit is a bug, even when that code works as designed.

A major security flaw with older computers is that they automatically execute a boot sector virus from a floppy drive. The automatic execution bug has since been fixed in modern BIOS, complete with a keypress that allows you to manually boot from floppies if necessary.

Outlook automatically executing code is no different, with the exception that it should never automatically execute in the first place. Note that Outlook was the first to implement the Goodtimes virus, while all other email clients were practically immune.

Comment Re:Not that much better (Score 1) 393

I'm not sure how many digits it would take to get GPS down to the specificity of 3x3 foot squares

Four digits gives 11m squares, which is close enough for anyone making deliveries to figure out the exact location within that square. If you want a 5th digit, you now have precision that can tell the difference between trees.

Twin four-digits aren't hard to memorize, and there's not as much of a benefit for bringing it down to 3x3 squares.

I'll give you 60 seconds to memorize the GPS coordinates of a housing block versus 60 seconds to memorize 3 English words

Memorization is from use, not by picking a random block and asking people to memorize it in 60 seconds. Also, if one can't memorize their own postal code through normal use, then they probably can't function normally in society.

Comment Re:Fuck Mozilla (Score 1) 316

A more serious problem with forced automatic updates is that it causes everyone to update even if the newer version has a bug that causes Firefox to crash. Might not be as common now, but I still remember at least one instance from the Firefox 2.x era where it was better to simply hold onto the existing version rather than have the browser crash on all your favorite sites.

Comment Re:Mozilla wins #1 prize! - for "hiding" features (Score 1) 316

(Press CTRL + Shift +E) Everybody would knew that

There's actually an icon at the top right corner...

Of course, I knew that Tab Groups existed for quite a long time, but didn't use them as the implementation is awful - on par with something that an average programmer could do themselves. The most obvious bit is that creating a second tab group instantly makes it harder to manage tabs outside the current tab group.

It's also pure overlap with an existing tag group system, known as a window.

Comment Re:Not programming semantics, but the coder (Score 2) 576

Modern compilers won't notice the pointer changing between those two conditionals, with it being loaded into a register that won't be modified in another thread. Some compilers may realize that it's impossible to enter the third block, and simply purge the code. In either case, the third block is pure fluff that should be removed.

If you're in the rare situation where said pointer can change suddenly, then you should:

  • Declare the pointer as volatile.
  • Copy the pointer to a non-volatile variable
  • Use synchronization to ensure that you have exclusive access to the pointer
  • and/or, not play around with data types without knowing how they work.

Also, the person writing the code mentioned that the compiler had a bug - but if such a trivial bug did exist, it would either be fixed by now, or the company making the compiler would be laughed out of existence. besides, paranoid individuals can use a debugger to disassemble a compiled executable and verify that the write code is generated.

Comment Re:Just wait.... (Score 1) 500

Paying $70K created such efficiency and opportunity that it doubled profits. So why not go above $70K and make even more money? Would $140K minimum quadruple profits? Probably not, there's a diminishing return here I suspect.

This theory works only for menial and robotic tasks, where a linear increase in wages can correlate with a linear increase in productivity.

If the task requires creativity or cognitive skill, rewards only work as long as you give enough money to make sure they aren't worried about money. If it's above a certain threshold, it attracts undesirable talent, and causes productivity to drop.

Comment Re:Question (Score 5, Informative) 147

What is NPAPI ?

NPAPI is the legacy plugin system used by browsers that allows webpages to serve executable content without the user having to download a file.

This system is used by Flash, Unity, Java, and various unimportant plugins. Of these, Flash has an arrangement with Adobe, Unity has an exit strategy, and Java is completely neutered as it was for quite some time. The unimportant plugins are unimportant (and if they were, they'd have fixed it by now.)

and does this have anything to do with the add=ons and plug=ins specific to Firefox and Seamonkey
SAome of which break every time they put out a new version of FF

Those are extensions, which is completely different.

Comment Re:combine them? (Score 3, Informative) 87

Apparently, concatenation isn't as effective as it could be. It will be at least as strong as either MD5 or SHA1, and while it seems that you'd get a 288 bit hash, it's about as strong as if you had 174 bits.

It's probably easier to make a 288 bit hash from the start.

Discussion page:

Comment Re:Stupid people are stupid (Score 1) 956

Your headline has a few flaws.

school officials said they knew he was carrying a device that looked like a bomb

If you have a bomb and want to detonate it, you make sure nobody else sees it. You don't show it to a science teacher, nor do you have an audible alarm. A kid who's capable of building bombs would already know this.

So, here's the revised headline: "Bomb detonated in school"

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