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+ - Get Ready For Streaming Music Die-Off->

Submitted by walterbyrd
walterbyrd (182728) writes "Streaming services are ailing. Pandora, the giant of its class and the survivor at 13 years old, is waging an ugly war to pay artists and labels less in order to stay afloat. Spotify, in spite of 6 million paid users and 18 million subscribers who humor some ads in their stream, has yet to turn a profit. Rhapsody axed 15% of its workforce right as Apple’s iTunes Radio hit the scene. On-demand competitor Rdio just opted for layoffs too, in order to move into a “scalable business model.” Hmm no one wondered about that business-model bit in the beginning?

Meanwhile,, a comparatively tiny competitor with what should have been viral DNA, just pulled the plug on its virtual jam sessions this week—and it just might be the canary in the coal mine."

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+ - US Navy Launches Drone From Submerged Submarine->

Submitted by Zothecula
Zothecula (1870348) writes "The US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has successfully launched a drone from a submerged submarine. The all-electric eXperimental Fuel Cell Unmanned Aerial System (XFC) was launched in the Bahamas from the Los Angeles-class nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Providence (SSN 719) using a system that allowed the drone to be deployed without modifications to the boat, or requiring it to surface."
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Comment: Re:had 50% better signal reception (Score 1) 495

by SiggyRadiation (#45572367) Attached to: I wish my cell phone was...
If it may be a colsolation; no in this case I'm talking about the Netherlands. A country that some characterize as the country in Europe most resembling the USA. Now that is subjective of course, but in the end the problem is all about to little competition and short-sightedness that to drive such improvements. Actually I think the reason I cannot use my cell phone inside my house has more to do with the fact that it is a very recently built house (3 years ago). For insulation purposes they but blocks of foam with aluminium on one side between the inner and outer wall. I will actually never need a tin foil hat. That's been taken care of. Still, people with a different phone / cellular operator do get through and are able to make calls.

+ - Disabled Woman Denied Entrance to USA Due to Private Medical Records-> 4

Submitted by Jah-Wren Ryel
Jah-Wren Ryel (80510) writes "The latest from the front lines in the War on Dignity:

In 2012, Canadian Ellen Richardson was hospitalized for clinical depression. This past Monday she tried to board a plane to New York for a $6,000 Caribbean cruise. DHS denied her entry, citing supposedly private medical records listing her hospitalization."

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+ - Off to jail for Pirate Bay founders->

Submitted by SiggyRadiation
SiggyRadiation (628651) writes "The Pirate Bay founders have lost their case and have been sentenced to a year in jail. Now, finally, "all authors all around the world" will be protected from this dreaded evil "because what is going on now is actually a plundering of the author's works". This goes to show that if you are presenting yourself as a pirate, then the defense "I am only providing an infrastructure and when and if my users choose to plunder is non of my concern", might not always work. Check the cnn article for some wonderfull quotes by the industry reps.
And before you all start downloading your pr0n ^h^h^h^h linux distros at once; the Pirate Bay site is expected to keep on operating for quite some time."

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+ - Faulty sensor + no error checking = plane crashes

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SiggyRadiation writes "A few days ago the dutch transport safety board presented a preliminary report regarding the crash of a Turkish Airline Boeing 737.
The cause was a radio altimeter that suddenly went from 1950 feet to -8 feet. This altimeter was connected to the autopilot which continuously decelerated the plane, thinking it was close to touching the runway, and caused a stall. Of course, the pilots should have checked the auto pilot and should have noticed in time that they were not following the correct glide-path.
But, as a software ingeneer, I can't think of any reason why this error couldn't have been detected in software; there are redundant altimeters; the system could check for differences between those altimeters, and the system could even have detected the huge jump from 1850 feet to -8 feet and decided that this was an implausible reading and alert the pilots of "suspect" or "tainted" input.
Are all those sofisticated autopilots and flight management systems really as advanced as the industry wants us to believe or has the first random website better input-checks these days?"

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