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Submission + - Best hardware/software for sea maps and navigation

Sigg3.net writes: "My uncle is turning 50 years old this year, and in that regard the family is trying to get him an iPad to use with proper sea maps (they call it nautical maps?) and navigation. My uncle grew up with boats and is very experienced, and even built a traditional Norwegian boat by himself. Whatever solution the family ends up with will of course not replace the need for actual maps and other equipment onboard (as a backup at least), but should be good enough to be able to do so in theory.

I somehow doubt that an iPad with a sea map app is the most viable option (although I must admit navigating maps on the iPad is pure science-fiction nerd joy), both with regards to the harsh environment at sea and what serious nautical maps software exist today, and would like some nerdcore suggestions. Or if you know that the iPad can do all this and want to recommend an app, please do so too! I just want to check the other fruit before biting the apple, so to speak. GPS support is a must, maps should be updatable (subscription or not), free software/open source is nice but not a requirement. We live in Norway and my uncle is willing to learn but not a "computer wizard" either. Thanks!"

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