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Science Daily: New Microsensor Measures Volatile Organic Compounds In Water And Air On-site->

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Researchers have developed a miniature sensor that uses polymer membranes deposited on a tiny silicon disk to measure pollutants present in aqueous or gaseous environments. An array of these sensors with different surface coatings could be used during field-testing to rapidly detect many different chemicals.
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+ - The 10 wierdest, coolest exoplanets->

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Lucas123 writes "SWEEPS-10 is less than a million miles from its sun, which means a year on that planet is only 10 hours long, while a year on HD209458b is only 3.5 Earth-days long. Solar winds on that planet are removing 10,000 tons of material every second. Upsilon Andromeda b is tidally locked to its sun like the Moon is to Earth, so one side of the planet is always facing its star making one side as hot as lava and the other side frozen. There are also free-floating planets have no sun at all, but float aimlessly through space."
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Comment: Re:Well I've found plenty of things (Score 2, Informative) 275

by Sigfried_Blip (#9222957) Attached to: SETI@home Turns Five Today
Is there a simple script one could build on for analyzing .sah files?

Nope, no script for the analysis, what I do is completely manual, all visual. Open a file, tweak/fiddle with some controls, paste the data into the Average window which does the auto drift algorithm, then I stare it for a minute, make some measurements, and repeat. Baudline is just a visualization tool, my eyeballs and brain do all the analysis work. Here is the command line:

baudline -session seti@home work_unit.sah

The "seti@home" session just stores the option preferences and window layouts, nothing special about it.

By trough at 1.4 I assume you're talking about cellphones?

The 1.420000 GHz trough is an artifact of the seti@home collection (radio) and splitter equipment. They notch out a strong tone that is caused by their quadrature tuner so that the distributed client analysis software doesn't get upset. One in every 256 work units has this. It freaks some people out when they see it on the screensaver. It looks like a big dip.

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