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Comment I thought this was mostly (Score 1) 85

them getting rid of that horrible, horrible .Net interface.

What I'm really wondering is what the bleep were they doing before. I read this:

AMD shifted their development process for the Catalyst driver set, focusing on delivering feature updates in fewer, larger updates while interim driver releases would focus on bug fixes, performance improvements, and adding new cards.

And my first thought was, how the hell else do you develop software? You put out one or two big releases a year and then fix and patch up in between. What the hell was AMD doing before Crimson? Where they completely re-writing their driver stack 3 or 4 times a year?

Comment You've never sold cars (Score 1) 440

the trouble is folks waste your time asking questions. It's right there in the summary. A good salesman could move 2 gas powered cars in the time it takes to do 1 electric. For all their bitching people enjoy wasting Sales people's time. Want to move electrics? Run a gov't program to spiff the sales man (with some new minimum wage laws so the dealers don't steal the money with pay cuts).

Comment They're not too expensive (Score 1) 440

they don't have good incentives for the Sales people. Microsoft had the same problem with their phone. Google/Apple gave spiffs to get sales folks to steer them to their phones. Microsoft didn't. So the Sales folks buried the Lumina into the deepest, darkest crevices of the store. Sony had the same basic problem with the PSP Go. I remember the hilarious demo units at Best Buy with no software whatsoever loaded on them. Just the menus and that was it.

Comment California's schizophrenic for a reason (Score 2) 440

It's huge, and it's basically split between a very right and a very left wing. They're mostly economically left wing, albeit with somewhat lower taxes that they get away with because of their huge economic output. Socially they're pretty conservative, with lots of "tough on crime" laws.

It's worth noting that when they had a Republican Governor (The Governator) they ran deficits and had a softer economy in general.

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