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Comment: Re:This story needs more press. (Score 1) 271 271

Would it really be news if all that was reported was "Criminal Commits Crime"?

For example I think no less of 88-year old men, nor think they're all murdering criminals, just because there was a headline "88-year old killed wife with ax".

Now it may be that a person thinks hacker == criminal, but then a such person would not know a hacker (at least one who was not a criminal), and so their view should not affect one. Seeking respect for a group one may associate with, among strangers you'll never meet and whose views you'll never even hear, seems rather silly.

Comment: Re:Hurray! I've been saying this for years! (Score 1) 173 173

This also allows them more time to surf the web at lunch or maybe go out and have a walk around the building or get a quickie around the corner.

I know quite a few people who would skip both lunch and web surfing to get a quickie around the corner.

Computer Science is the only discipline in which we view adding a new wing to a building as being maintenance -- Jim Horning