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Comment: Re:It's reverse psychology! (Score 2) 211

by SickLittleMonkey (#36552356) Attached to: Nokia Windows Phone Revealed
Parent AC is a troll, in case readers/mods don't spot it.

Some of those quotes are taken totally out of context. Some of them are true! Carmack also says Direct3D > OpenGL.

How about I choose some quotes from terjeber:
"I also have to do cross-platform stuff. In such cases I am on Linux primarily. Some times I wander into Solaris territory."
"Ruby/Rails". (His preferred web dev platform, ahead of .NET MVC, Play! and Spring.)
"Being religious about what platform you use is a sure sign that as an IT professional you are ready for replacement."

Comment: Re:Hanselman has blogged about this dilemma. (Score 1) 580

by SickLittleMonkey (#36409756) Attached to: Silverlight Developers Rally Against Windows 8
Yes, really: too much work. Heh, I don't fit into the lazy but desperate group you allude to above.

One of my guys is writing a SL app that looks great. It still took a good amount of (great) work.

Another guy is writing a different part of our suite in HTML (because it's public facing).
Getting it working took more than SL, but not too much because his knowledge is good.

Getting it working on 3 versions of 3+ browsers was too much work, IMO.
HTML & JS aren't the platform. That and 9+ browser implementations are the target platform.
Tweaking the L&F in 2 or 3 libraries' CSS to match and get a consistent look is also too much work.

I actually agree with points in your comment, but as the guys who replied to you point out there _are_ more productive platforms.

No amount of careful planning will ever replace dumb luck.