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Comment Wear & Tear? (Score 1) 441

What happens when the note has been exchanged continuously from person to person for several years? The note will start to wear. How will those circuits hold up? I don't want to be arrested for suspected counterfeiting because the circuits in the note happened to fail while it was in my wallet.

Comment Missing choice: NONE (Score 1) 458

You can't take any of the choices with you when you die. So why dwell on any of it while you live? In your next life, you'll have no recollection of the loved ones, possessions, or data of your previous life. It's all transient--let go of it. None of it will lead to true happiness. You'll re-meet your loved ones in a future life.

Comment Re:Driving shouldn't be for the public (Score 1) 1065

That' irrelevant. Those who cause the accidents due to speed, they're speeding because they enjoy driving. Those who blow red lights and crash are blowing the lights because they enjoy driving (and don't wanna stop). Those who get behind the wheel while drunk are doing so because they enjoy driving. Those who *don't* enjoy driving are less likely to drive if their destination is possible via walking, cycling, or riding a taxi or public transit.

Comment Jam only when the car is moving (Score 2, Interesting) 1065

Only as long as the cell phone can be used while the car is stopped. I'm all for scrambling while the car is moving, but I don't feel it safe or necessary to have to exit the car to call 911, saying some guy is trying to carjack me, or my wife is having an allergic reaction...

Comment Re:Accelerometers in phones? (Score 1) 709

What if you're walking? How could the phone distinguish that? There's a safety feature appearing in some cars that has a camera monitoring the driver's eyes. If it senses they're not watching the road, they can sound a buzzer, and after a time, perhaps stop the car. Car companies can push this technology so that idiots who are looking at their phones will be notified by the car's safety system by a loud annoying beep.

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