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Comment: Re:Wait (Score 4, Informative) 48

by ShmuelP (#41747179) Attached to: The Virtues of the Virtual Autopsy

What also makes me uncomfortable is seeing something as retarded as "religious objections" as a growing reason for not doing an autopsy. In the Middle Ages, scientists had to buy bodies illegally to make their studies, risking to be burned at the stake for that "horrible crime". Haven't people learned anything yet? What the fuck does their god of choice care if someone cuts open a dead body? He refuses to welcome the deceased guy in Heaven, or Valhalla or whatever?

Western civilization has a notion called "religious freedom". We've discovered that things are much more peaceful if we ensure that everyone can practice as they see fit, regardless of how wrong we their religious beliefs (or lack thereof) may be. (Exceptions to the above when said practices involve harm to others.) So if my religion doesn't allow for routine autopsies, for whatever reason that you clearly don't understand, how about leaving it alone? You may feel free to instruct your heirs to handle your remains as you see fit, and the rest of us might appreciate the same courtesy in return.

Comment: Re:The new catch phrase apparently (Score 3, Informative) 422

by ShmuelP (#38627138) Attached to: Israel Says It Will Treat Online Credit Card Theft As It Would Terrorism

I just feel sorry for whomever it is that's living next door to the thieves when Israel overreacts. Israel isn't exactly known for keeping any sort of perspective on things. Kill one of their citizens and they'll kill dozens of your citizens with little to no concern for innocent civilians.

Not according to Jonathan Sacerdoti in the New Statesman (most certainly not a pro-Israel publication). In fact, during Operation Cast Lead, Israel managed a better than 1:1 ratio (that is, one civilian per combatant killed). The UN estimate for similar assymetric warfare is 3:1 - that is three civilians for each combatant killed. And since then, they have done even better. In 2011, it was either 1:10 (Jane's correspondent in Israel) or 1:3 (Elder of Zion - factoring in numbers from PCHR).

Look for the actual facts, not mass media accounts. And as a rule of thumb, I'd discount hysterical claims right after an event, until they are actually examined. (Cases in point: the whole Muhammed al-Dura story, which was later shown to be a hoax, the supposed "massacre" of hundreds or thousands in Jenin that turned out to be 52 or 53, mostly combatants).

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