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Comment: Re:That's great news! (Score 3, Interesting) 517

To exemplify where Sweden is going in this direction, with two comments made by the Swedish minister for higher education and academia:

"7 out of 10 natural science, maths and engineering students being male is a gender gap that must be corrected as soon as possible"

"18 out of 20 students in service and profession oriented higher education(includes law studies, medical(covers nurses, doctors, surgeons etc)) being women is a great step towards equality"

Comment: Re:Too bad they're not more open... (Score 1) 52

by Shinobi (#49451243) Attached to: How Flight Tracking Works: a Global Network of Volunteers

Let me guess, you're one of the cunts who made one of those advertising funded apps that only pulled data from FR24's servers, leaving them with the bill for all the server and bandwidth use, while you yourself earned a decent sum every month?

That's a very real problem FR24 had with all these entitled freeloaders(as did MarineTraffic's AIS data site)

Comment: Re:So that means... (Score 2) 104

by Shinobi (#49430041) Attached to: Biometrics Are Making Espionage Harder

In reality, only rarely. Geeks like to claim that security benefits are overstated, but in their criticism, they often overstate the simplicity and ease with which it can be beaten. One item of faith for many geeks is the jelly fingerprint. Yet 15 years ago I encountered fingerprint scanners that would not be fooled by that, and it wasn't exactly cutting edge tech even back then. It used a combination of pattern, temperature, electric conductivity and pressure

Comment: Re:What portion of the memory is usable this time? (Score 1) 110

Yes, there is a point in having 12GiB RAM on the card: There are people who can make use of it, even with existing applications. It's also a good way of driving development. This also ties in with your cluelessness about Compute performance: while DP is low, not all Compute tasks need DP. Signal processing for example is a field where DP is a waste. Take music for example. Softsynths that do physical modelling require a lot of resources, both in terms of processing and RAM, but you only need single precision(Until the end, when it's converted over to integer). Now, with this Titan card, you have massive SP compute performance, AND lots of RAM to work within.

There's also real-time simulations, where this card with all that RAM and the Universal Physics Solver will enable to run high frame-rate sims at decent resolutions and decent detail, with a good approximization of the physics involved, which is useful during design phases for example. And since it's a single GPU, development becomes easier.

Comment: Re:Sigh (Score 3, Informative) 110

The reason Bitcoin was done on AMD GPU's was because AMD had a bitshift instruction, and that due to how simple Bitcoin is, AMD's rather retarded memory handling didn't cause any choking. Double precision had absolutely zero to do with Bitcoin running well on AMD.

AMD's memory handling means that the actual Double Precision performance you get out of a given card is extremely different from the theoretical maximum. In fact, for many real-world tasks, Nvidia+CUDA delivers better DP performance than the AMD paper tigers, especially per watt, and so the HPC world heavily leans towards Nvidia, even with DP heavy tasks. For tasks that doesn't need SP, like many forms of signal analysis etc? Forget AMD, not worth the bother of shitty drivers, piss-poor memory handling, worse performance per watt.

As for RAM, there are things it's useful for, especially since the Titan also has its Universal Physics Solver, meaning that together with the RAM amount, you can put together very detailed sims at decent resolutions and framerates, all on a single card.

Comment: Re:Sigh (Score 3, Interesting) 110

I know some people who are drooling all over this card for various real-time simulations. The Unified Physics Solver and 12GiB RAM on the card will allow them to push a combination of good graphics and good enough physics, at decent frame rates in real-time, all on a single card. It also makes it easier to develop sim solutions.

Comment: Re:Yes, that's the claim of the prosecutor. (Score 1) 169

by Shinobi (#49251711) Attached to: Swedish Authorities Offer To Question Assange In London

The claims of her being sleepy comes from her own SMS history.

Sofia Wiléns testimony was edited by Irmeli Krans by order of Mats Gehlin, as shown by SMS's sent from Mats Gehlin to Irmeli Krans. Irmeli Krans also being a personal friend of Anna Ardin, and politically tied to Marianne Ny, Claes BorgstrÃm and Anna Ardin, as part of BroderskapsrÃrelsen within Socialdemokraterna.

Comment: Re:culture trap (Score 1) 169

by Shinobi (#49251691) Attached to: Swedish Authorities Offer To Question Assange In London

"F*ing a sleeping girl is to work around her refusal to consent to one's preferred form of sex - entry #4 on Assange's EAW - is rape in almost every jurisdiction in the first world."

Except that Sofia Wilén has admitted that she wasn't actually sleeping. In fact, SMS's she sent indicated not only that she was actually awake, and that she didn't protest. Her SMS history afterwards also indicates that she didn't want to accuse him of rape or have him arrested, but was pressured by Anna Ardin and her friend, who just happened to also be the police taking up the reports. Those SMS's were later subjected to attempted deletion, but were recovered.(Same with Anna Ardins tweets from the night after she and Assange had sex, stating "Sitting here with wonderful people", including Assange in that statement. Those tweets were also recovered after the attempted deletion). Yet, despite her legal duty to do so, Marianne Ny refuses to acknowledge them, unlike the initial prosecutor.

And that's without even getting started on the political entanglements that lies behind it all, such as Anna Ardin, Marianne Ny, Claes BorgstrÃm and Irmeli Krans all being associated with each other politically(BroderskapsrÃrelsen within Socialdemokraterna) as well as personal friendships(Claes BorgstrÃm and Marianne Ny are personal friends. Anna Ardin and Irmeli Krans are personal friends).

Despite officially being taken off the case due to Conflict of Interest, Irmeli Krans is in practice still involved in the case, as revealed by a SMS sent from Mats Gehlin that orders her to make changes to Sofia Wiléns testimony, the day after Eva Finné has dropped the preliminary investigation.

And, if we're going to link to feminists, why not link to what actual respectable feminists have to say, rather than modern feminism extremists? You could have linked to Helen Bergman, for example.

Or, you could perhaps have paid attention to Juris Doktor Brita Sundberg-WEitman, a former justice of the Svea Court of Appeals that you mentioned, who has herself deemed the case to be without merit, and even reported the entire case to JO.

Comment: Re:Rowhammer in MemTest86 & on Slashdot (Score 1) 180

by Shinobi (#49226273) Attached to: Exploiting the DRAM Rowhammer Bug To Gain Kernel Privileges

It's a matter of speed and density too. The vast majority of embedded stuff operates at significantly lower speeds/throughput/memory size requirements, which means there's less vulnerability. Also, embedded stuff tends to be aimed at running very specific applications, which also reduces the vulnerability.

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