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Comment: Re:Ikea evil? (Score 0) 207

by Shinobi (#47247861) Attached to: Ikea Sends IkeaHackers Blog a C&D Order

You forget the entitlement issues some geeks have: They are allowed to do what they want, and others should just have to conform to them, all while they demand that others should obey their pet licenses/trademarks/copyright.

The whole thing smacks of a bit of organisational ID theft: they use the IKEA logo, the IKEA graphical design etc as closely as possible, to draw in people, in an attempt to profit from it with the advertising.

Comment: Re:yuck epresso (Score 3, Interesting) 192

by Shinobi (#47243147) Attached to: How To Make Espresso In Space

Heh, that sounds like the coffee made in Sweden or Finland.

It's always funny to see people from around europe and north america try to drink coffee as made in Sweden or Finland, while Swedes and Finns generally regard coffee made by anyone else as too watery.

When I was in Kosovo, with the Swedish KFOR unit, we had some people from the US 502nd PIR come over to to our PX/café to try our coffee, and most of them had to thin it out to drink it, they weren't used to having it that strong. And they didn't believe us when we told them that it was not a special military brewing, but instead just ordinary brewing as most swedes who drink coffee would appreciate it.

Common complaints from tourists is that even McDonalds and Starbucks coffee in Sweden is way too strong.

Comment: Re:yes, I've used a Professional Engineer. also a (Score 2) 183

by Shinobi (#46795141) Attached to: The Design Flaw That Almost Wiped Out an NYC Skyscraper

Why look there only?

Look at all the software hiding behind various licenses that include clauses to try and escape responsibility?

Many EULA's from corps such as Microsoft and Adobe for example. Then there's Open Source licenses such as GPL and BSD.

That's actually an interesting engineering ethics issue: Can you, as a licensed software engineer, in good conscience release software under any license with such clauses, without totally violating your responsibilities and duties as an engineer?

My personal take on it is that no, you can't. Hence, I work as a freelancer, which means I can refuse contracts that would cause such a violation, or leave a project which institutes changes that would cause such a violation. All my contracts have clauses which clearly outline what my responsibilities are as a software engineer, including whistleblowing on unsafe practices.

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by Shinobi (#46779899) Attached to: Switching From Sitting To Standing At Your Desk

Which means you are an exception.

In fact, alternating between sitting and standing is generally a good way to keep healthy, unless you're one of the exceptions due to actual injuries/diseases.

For normal healthy individuals, it's good for prevention, and for fatty Blob McSlob's(who are fat of their own making, not actual valid diseases etc), it's a good way to mitigate health problems.

Comment: Re:Problem with releasing an underpowered console (Score 1) 117

"The PS4 is better, being 50% faster (thanks to 50% more GPU resources),"

Actually, what makes the PS4 better is not the extra GPU resources, it's that they use GDDR5, so the system won't be starved for memory bandwidth. If the PS4 had used the same type of RAM as the XB1, it would have been as starved, with the same drop in performance. It's one of the well-known drawbacks of Unified Memory designs.

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by Shinobi (#46676281) Attached to: To Reduce the Health Risk of Barbecuing Meat, Just Add Beer

However, recent discoveries point out that it's not as clearcut as that. In fact, antioxidants can also increase the chance of cancer developing or even increasing cancer growth, by preventing formation of ROS, which disrupts signalling.

Antioxidants have already been linked to cancelling out the effects of excercise for the same reason, the antioxidants suppressing the ROS, which screws up the signalling.

Comment: Claims? Try Busted for... (Score 2) 17

by Shinobi (#46669077) Attached to: Scientist Quits Effort To Live-Blog Stem Cell Generation

Several images have been shown to be edited/duplicated, one of the main authors has recommended that the papers should be pulled etc...

"Wakayama told NHK he is no longer sure the STAP cells were actually created. He was in charge of important experiments to check the pluripotency of the cells.

He said a change in a specific gene is key proof that the cells are created. He said team members were told before they released the papers that the gene had changed.

Last week, RIKEN disclosed detailed procedures for making STAP cells after outside experts failed to replicate the results outlined in the Nature article.
  Wakayama pointed out that in the newly released procedures, RIKEN says this change didn't take place.

He said he reviewed test data submitted to the team's internal meetings and found multiple serious problems, such as questionable images."

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by Shinobi (#46573545) Attached to: Iran Builds Mock-up of Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier

And the autonomous systems, while good enough for a high-altitude recon/ground attack vehicle such as the x47, are not good enough for a complex environment like air-to-air combat. One of the problems is computational abilities, another is even greater susceptibility to EW than human-piloted aircrafts.

Also, the programmed parameters can't hope to match everything that can happen during a mission.

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