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Comment Re:How much would it help? (Score 5, Interesting) 262

One system mentioned has an effect of about 110W, with either 60 or 90 minute battery, total package weight with 60 minute battery is 1,8kg, with battery and motor all hidden away, wireless activation button etc.And yes, it can be disengaged.

Ironically, it's on the mountain stages it'd really help. 0.148hp for a total of 60 minutes during a stage can help you build a massive lead spread over a few climbs.

Also, look at some suspected motorized cheating like Fabian Cancellara in Roubaix-Flaanderen for example.


Comment Re:Keyboards? (Score 1) 332

A place I did a contract job for had an asshole who absolutely had to use a Model M, instead of a decent Cherry keyboard with good but QUIET switches. Finally, his co-workers and his boss had had enough of him being an asshole, so they retaliated by buying typewriters from thrift stores, flea markets etc, and then they spent an entire day doing occasional paperwork on the typewriters, in his vicinity.

Comment Re:Not a surprise (Score 1) 45

The overlap in viewership is pretty large. Hell, Team Liquid had to split Dota2 coverage over to a website of its own, because it overshaded the SC2 coverage on the main Team Liquid site.

Totalbiscuit, as a team sponsor and a professional SC2 caster seriously watched TI3 when his own players didn't play matches in the WCS regional finals. That tells you about the overlap.

Comment Re:Not a surprise (Score 1) 45

Not really, they just wanted the WCS to be the central point. However, it was not competently managed. And you can sort of see the after-effects nowadays. Homestory Cup finals ran just after Legacy of the Void was released, and the finals had less viewers than the random streaming from CSGO players had in aggregate, and Homestory Cup isn't exactly a small no-name tournament. In fact, I think they may have attracted more viewers than WCS did this year.

Comment Re:Not a surprise (Score 1) 45

Blizzard's not exactly built themselves the best track record when it comes to arranging their own tournament, the Starcraft II WCS. For example, one year, Blizzard arrogantly decided to have ALL the regional finals during the same weekend, which also happened to be the week that the biggest DotA 2 event in the world took place, The International. I'll let Totalbiscuits, a well-known person from the Starcraft II scene, including as a team owner affected by Blizzard's decision, words illustrate how happy many in the scene were with Blizzard:

Comment Re:Perhaps blame qwerty typing and get rid of it (Score 1) 124

Add to that that QWERTY is remarkably efficient in several languages, while Dvorak is uncomfortable for languages other than english, For example, there are, as far as I know, at least three modifications of Dvorak to adapt it for swedish, and I find all of them to be uncomfortable to use, since I type in at least 4 languages, and don't want to switch between multiple layouts, sometimes on a daily basis.

Comment Re:Exploitable? (Score 1) 89

There is potentially another way to kill either a CPU or mobo components too, if you do it right, and the OS doesn't watch hard for it, and it doesn't require changes to BIOS/UEFI. If you can trigger the right execution pattern to rapidly cycle between no load, full load on all cores, full load on 1 core and triggering turbo clocking if that's available, you can cause voltage regulators etc to overheat

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