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Comment Re:Blacksmith/Welder not Engineer ... (Score 1) 143

Actually, the British had given it thought. The mine plough for the Churchill AVRE could be used to go through the hedgerows too, just as one example. The US military, being far more conservative, dismissed the concept of Hobart's Funnies as frivolous and doomed to failure, and also counter to their doctrine, in that it'd make tanks take the lead and end up in combat with enemy tanks, which US doctrine specifically and emphatically discouraged: Tanks were for infantry support and breakthrough, fighting it out with enemy tanks was for the tank destroyer units.

Comment Re:News for history nerds... (Score 4, Informative) 143

Hobart's Funnies were based around all kinds of tanks, primarily Churchills and Shermans, but there were also Valentines, LVT4's, Cromwells etc.

As for the Bobbin, it was actually a device carried by the Churchill AVRE(together with the Crocodile and the ARK the most famous Funnies), and it laid the canvas road not only for itself but also the vehicles coming up behind it. Other devices the AVRE could carry was the Fascine, which was a bundle you dropped into ditches and trenches, so you could drive over them, and the mine plough, which could also do the same job as the hedgerow plough on the Shermans.

Comment The apps that really keep me on Windows? (Score 1) 889

There are quite a few apps that keep me on Window of which these are just some of them:

Sony Vegas Pro
Visual Studio
BL BokfÃring(an accounting software, only supports Windows for local data saving etc)
Directory Opus(I've been using this since back in the Amiga Days, so it's a force of habit as much as anything else so....)
Electronic ID Certificate software

Comment Re:Sorry, but Apple still deserves most of the cre (Score 5, Insightful) 354

And it was true if you put a 10 year old in front of an Amiga in 1985 or 1986. As for the Apple HIG, a lot of it was counter-intuitive, what it did, however, was give consistency, and thus users were conditioned into doing things a certain way, but it also resulted in some applications being hampered etc

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 350

"Maybe someday there will be a non-Unix OS that isn't shit, but I am not holding my breath."

Personally, I'm waiting for another non-Apple UNIX that actually makes heavy interactive graphics work as smooth for the user as it is on Windows. Linux and FreeBSD both feel clunky and choppy, no matter what scheduler settings I use, or how I config X etc. IRIX was the last one I used that actually felt decent for interactive use, but they also went with the approach Windows used, and Apple later chose for OSX, with a tight graphics stack integration, from kernel up to desktop.

Comment Re:No it hasn't (Score 1) 157

Hypertransport and QPI both cause problems with communication between devices on different PCI-E switches, that's one of the things Infiniband lets you get around(and Infiniband is about so much more than just RDMA, it's also about the flexible structure you can tailor for your use, and maintain single-microsecond latencies, with all the bells and whistles. Despite the hurfblurf, RDMAoE has not made that happen).

Here's an example of the issues involved:

Comment Re: As much as possible (Score 1) 350

That's only if you think in terms of top-end movies etc. However, there's plenty of bread and butter work being done where the final rendering is done on the desktops of the artists at small studios etc, such as advertisement spots or stills, product design, architectural visualization etc etc, and that's just on the professional side. You also have to factor in the hobbyist side.

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