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Comment: Re:Good for her! (Score 1) 784 784

I love it when I write these kinds of messages. I only wish I had an automatic account maker like the ones I use on FoxNews and CNN for managing my personalitys.When all my posts say Anonymous Coward it makes me feel kind of bad.. kind of cowardly. But I know I'm a hero cause I work for the government and go along with all they say.

Comment: Re:Sounds like they thoroughly broke him (Score 1) 784 784

Its so nice that we get to see the personal issues of people exposed when we need to destroy them. We can get a lot of people on board this way. He could have sympathy from people who are religiously contemplative however when so many of their peers say he is an abomination then it only makes sense to go along with that line of thinking. Well done everyone!

Comment: Re:Impeach Obummer! (Score 1) 524 524

Its a long standing policy in the US that as long as you have self esteem it doesn't matter if you are an ineffectual loser. Its been that way as far back as I can remember during my stay in the 12 year youth indoctrination centers. Look at me, I'm living proof that its ok to be a loser!

Comment: Re:Impeach Obummer! (Score 2) 524 524

Couldn't agree more. Its the governments job to supply the world with narcotics even if we have to trade military grade weapons for it. The Taliban had nearly destroyed the valuable Opium trade. Fortunately our forces were able to restore the flow of Heroin to our great cities.

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