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Comment: Re:[Stupid] move (Score 1) 400

by Shienarier (#40381767) Attached to: Assange Requests Asylum In Ecuador

He didn't flee the country. He was here, wasn't called for questioning and asked for permission to leave.
He got told that he wasn't wanted for questioning and so could leave.
Then all sorts of things broke loose and not only was he now wanted for questioning,
the questioning couldn't be done over the phone, videolink of even in person in the Swedish embassy.
No, it had to be in person in Sweden, and he also had to be arrested, for you know,
questioning purposes.

Comment: Re:Dumb reading (Score 1) 400

by Shienarier (#40381733) Attached to: Assange Requests Asylum In Ecuador

It's important to point out there that Assange did stay in Sweden for a while after the alleged incident, but wasn't called for questioning.
He then asked for permission to leave the country and got it approved. Probably since, well, he wasn't charged with anything.
Now, he still isn't charged with anything, but he is wanted for questioning. The problem is seemingly that while the questioning is fine,
there is also an arrest warrant out for him, for said questioning. We usually don't arrest people in Sweden that aren't even charged with anything,
so it does smell a bit bad.

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