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Funding For Automotive Fuel Cells Cut 293

Posted by kdawson
from the goring-entrenched-oxen dept.
rgarbacz writes "The US will stop funding research on automotive fuel cells and redirect the work towards stationary plants, because of slow progress on the research. Developing those cells and coming up with a way to transport the hydrogen is a big challenge, Energy Secretary Steven Chu said in releasing energy-related details of the administration's budget for the year beginning Oct. 1. Dr. Chu said the government preferred to focus on projects that would bear fruit more quickly. The industry and the National Hydrogen Association criticized the decision and declared their intention to fight for funding. Dr. Chu also announced that funding for a coal gasification pilot project, cut by the Bush administration, will be reinstated. The Obama administration will also drop spending for research on the exploration of oil and gas deposits because the industry itself has ample resources for that, Dr. Chu said."

+ - Inside the iPhone: 3G, ARM, OS X, 3rd Partyware

Submitted by DECS
DECS (891519) writes "After heading off the top ten myths of the iPhone, Daniel Eran of RoughlyDrafted has written a series of articles looking "Inside the iPhone," exploring why Apple didn't target faster 3G networks in EDGE, EVDO, HSUPA, 3G, and WiFi, a substantiated look at how the iPhone is indeed running OS X (contrary to reports that it isn't), what it means to users and developers, and how ARM is involved, in Mac OS X, ARM, and iPod OS X, and why the supposedly "closed system" Apple describes for the iPhone won't preclude third party development in Third Party Software."

Comment: Re:Grey areas? (Score 1) 582

by Sheeple Police (#5502290) Attached to: Spam
Actually, just the other week, I got something which was perfectly timed. I was trying to shop for a birthday gift for a good friend of mine, who loves Smallville (TV show), and has just about every thing that corporate america can shove down our throats, so I was at a serious impasse. I was wading through the spam on my hotmail and got an email about "Meet Lex from Smallville! ADV." I checked it out, and it turned to be a spam for a comic convention that was coming the following week, which would have Michael Rosenbaum (who she has a big "schoolgirl crush" on) signing autographs. Talk about fortuitious!!

That was the one time spam was ever of use to me, and I still use spam filters and rarely sort through them, but this one time of good luck was immeasurably successful in obtaining her what she views as the "best birthday present ever"

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