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Submission + - Family Sues Facebook Over Photos Of Slain Daughter (

SheeEttin writes: "NPR's The Two-Way has a story on one family's suit against Facebook after photos taken by an EMT of their daughter's corpse were posted there. The suit wants Facebook to "turn over the picture, identify those who viewed or downloaded it and destroy images in its possession". From the article:
"The parents of a woman killed in New York are suing Facebook, after a paramedic took pictures of their daughter's corpse and posted them on the social networking site.
CBS News reports that on the second anniversary of Caroline Wimmer's murder, her parents say they are still trying to get by a day at a time. Wimmer was strangled to death on Staten Island and emergency medical technician Mark Musarella, who responded to the scene, took a picture with his cellphone and posted it on Facebook.""

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