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+ - Apple loses bid to exclude evidence in Samsung patent trial-> 1

Submitted by Shavano
Shavano (2541114) writes "Apple loses bid to exclude evidence in Samsung patent trial Apple Inc. lost its bid to exclude evidence presented by Samsung Electronics Co. at the companies' patent trial in California about a tablet computer developed more than a decade before Apple's iPad was released in 2010. Judge Koh strikes for sanity again."
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+ - Avecto Rollout -- How much pain are we in for?

Submitted by Shavano
Shavano (2541114) writes "My company has just announced that it is rolling out Avecto "Privilege Guard" which will be running on everybody's computer and monitoring what applications we are running and keeping a central applications whitelist. As our IT explained it, applications not on the whitelist will run with a local override. But I just looked on Avecto's website and that's not what they say about their application. They claim that you will have security and IT support savings because users won't be able to run applications that aren't permitted. What they're advertising is supposedly huge savings that companies can get if they take away everybody's admin privileges.

I should mention that most of the computers at my company are in the hands of engineers, scientists and programmers. So everybody is running specialized applications and most of those people have admin rights to their machines because they run programs that require it and in the past IT trusted them to some degree. I think there's a degree of pain coming and I want a gauge of how bad it's going to be.

Does anybody have knowledge of how Avecto really works and whether users will necessarily be locked out of non-whitelisted applications or is it a case where the local user of unapproved programs gets a warning and can give the system temporary approval to run the program?"

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