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Comment: Re: Authority (Score 1) 209

by ShaunC (#49156687) Attached to: As Big As Net Neutrality? FCC Kills State-Imposed Internet Monopolies

But the OLD rules for Title II common carriers stipulated that your communications can't be legally "intercepted" without a warrant. So deep packet inspection by ISPs is probably out the window.

I assume the government has already served any ISP worth mentioning with a secret FISA warrant that says "give us everything."

Comment: Re:Content owner? (Score 1) 31

by ShaunC (#49151805) Attached to: Simple IT Security Tactics for Small Businesses (Video)

Taboola is an advertising and user-tracking company whose CEO says the company looks for "unorthodox solutions to monetize and engage consumers."

"Prior to founding Taboola, [CEO] Adam [Singolda] developed his analytical skills while serving as an officer in an elite mathematical unit of the Israeli National Security Agency. Adam is an honored alum of the [IDF's] elite Mamram computer science training program, graduated first in his class at the Officers Academy of the IDF." Right from the source.

In other words, block that shit at the edge of your network.


5 White Collar Jobs Robots Already Have Taken 254

Posted by samzenpus
from the I-for-one-welcome-our-new-robot-coworkers dept.
bizwriter writes University of Oxford researchers Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne estimated in 2013 that 47 percent of total U.S. jobs could be automated and taken over by computers by 2033. That now includes occupations once thought safe from automation, AI, and robotics. Such positions as journalists, lawyers, doctors, marketers, and financial analysts are already being invaded by our robot overlords. From the article: "Some experts say not to worry because technology has always created new jobs while eliminating old ones, displacing but not replacing workers. But lately, as technology has become more sophisticated, the drumbeat of worry has intensified. 'What's different now?' asked Leigh Watson Healy, chief analyst at market research firm Outsell. 'The pace of technology advancements plus the big data phenomenon lead to a whole new level of machines to perform higher level cognitive tasks.' Translated: the old formula of creating more demanding jobs that need advanced training may no longer hold true. The number of people needed to oversee the machines, and to create them, is limited. Where do the many whose occupations have become obsolete go?"

Comment: Well, that depends (Score 2) 213

by ShaunC (#49092115) Attached to: Sony Offers a "Premium Sound" SD Card For a Premium Price

I see they have gold colored print, that has to boost the sound quality by about 10 bucks. But is Monster selling titanium-plated connectors for them yet? Have any advertisers signed up to preload audio advertisements on the cards? This doesn't seem ready for prime time. Sony, give me a call just as soon as you're ready to start charging me a monthly fee!

Comment: Re:Oh for fucks sake, people. (Score 1) 153

by ShaunC (#49091021) Attached to: Samsung Smart TVs Don't Encrypt the Voice Data They Collect

The microphone on the TV stays off until you command it to listen.

Five years ago, I probably would have believed this. Hell, two years ago I might have bought it. But after the revelations of June 2013, I don't trust claims like "the microphone stays off until you command it to listen" any more than I believe "no, the NSA does not collect data about millions of Americans" or "we at Lenovo thought consumers would enjoy ads injected into their SSL sessions."

Trusted by default is done, thanks to overzealous advertisers and overzealous governments. That goose is cooked, go find a fork. Everything is suspect, now. Engineer accordingly.

Comment: Re:one word: Barbecoa (Score 1) 125

by ShaunC (#49088633) Attached to: Jamie Oliver's Website Serving Malware

You'd think the young would suffer from age discrimination just as much as the 40 and up crowd.

When it comes to employment in the US, the young are expected to work for peanuts in exchange for gaining experience. They also tend to be mostly part-time, owing to other responsibilities like schoolwork, and therefore aren't eligible for those pesky socialist expenses like vacation time or health insurance. The 40 and up crowd faces discrimination because they already have the experience to demand fair compensation (and benefits) for their time.

Employers love young workers. If more companies could figure out how to run their entire operation on the backs of teenagers working 20 hours a week, they'd gladly do so.


Watch Videos in Synch with Fellow iOS Users (Video) 71

Posted by Roblimo
from the let's-all-sing-together-now dept.
This video is about Dr. Saeed Darvish-Kazem and Dr. Michael Pazaratz, two MDs from Canada, who came up with a free iOS app called WeMesh that lets you share video content with iOS-owning friends in real time. You see the video and so does your friend. more or less simultaneously. Cat videos and 90s music are two categories the doctors say are especially popular on WeMesh, which only works with YouTube at the moment, a shortcoming they hope to change in the near future. NOTE: If you're on the Slashdot main page and click the 'Read' link below this paragraph, the video will autoplay.

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