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Comment Re:Before I needed 12 different cables (Score 1) 284

Huh, I'm down to three, and one of those is only used with some fairly old devices I have. (Actually, I've only got one of those old devices left in service.) Other than that, I just have full-sized and new-phone-standard minis.

I do have a fairly extensive collection of old cables with a wide variety of sizes and shapes, though. So I feel your pain. :)

Comment Re:Enhanced, but not replaced. (Score 1) 284

You should know that Unicomp, which bought the rights to the model M keyboard design (the original gigantic clacky PC keyboard), still makes true model Ms with a variety of connectors including USB. My aunt swears by them. They're not cheap, but as you have clearly noticed, they also last for ages. So if the one you have does give up the ghost, you've got options.

Comment third of three? (Score 4, Insightful) 71

One of the most important characteristics of a planet...

There's three characteristics, and this is probably the least important. But if you consider all three to be "the most" important, then I suppose it's one of them. That seems like a pretty silly way to express yourself, though. Personally, I'd probably just say "one characteristic".

Also note that we're talking about the IAU definition, which is not necessarily the only definition. Dictionaries still haven't accepted the IAU definition, and may never do so, because the IAU defines a planet as orbiting the sun, while science fiction writers continue merrily talking about planets around other stars, and show no signs of changing.

Comment Konjac flour already has zero calories (Score 1) 156

The big innovation here is adding wood pulp to an already zero-calorie food?? Konjac ("Devil's Tongue Yam") flour has zero calories and noodles made from it already taste good. You can find them in any asian market sold as "Shirataki Noodles" or in a solid block form called Konnyaku. They are traditionally part of Sukiyaki, and are available online from konjacfoods.com and miraclenoodle.com.

Submission + - Windows 10's privacy invading features aren't gone in Threshold 2 (betanews.com)

Mark Wilson writes: Since the launch of Windows 10, there have been various concerns relating to privacy. Some would dismiss this as little more than paranoia, but a lack of transparency about what was happening in the background broke a lot of people's trust. Many hoped that the release of the Threshold 2 update this month would address this, but in lots of cases it was actually a backward step.

In the RTM release of Windows 10, there was a service running in the background called Diagnostics Tracking Service (also known as DiagTrack), and people concerned about privacy — who were in the know — disabled it. In Threshold 2, this service is gone. A cause for celebration you might think; but think again. The service is still there, just under a different guise.

Comment Re:Except they used regular SMS (Score 5, Insightful) 291

Still, the governments of the world have been asking us to give up on having any level of privacy so that they can "catch terrorists". I think they need to demonstrate some things before I can even think about accepting that idea.

1) There's oversight over the collection and storage of the data that guarantees that it's being used for that purpose. There's no possibility that it can be used for other law enforcement operations, for blackmail, or for looking at dick pics (thank you, John Oliver).
2) The program is effective. If you're collecting my SMS messages so that you can stop terrorist attacks, show me that you're catching terrorists that way. Don't collect SMS messages preemptively and then go, "Well after the fact, we found that the terrorists used SMS and we just didn't catch it. But after we caught people who were involved and found their cell phones, we thought it was kind of helpful to see those SMS messages."
3) Explain why the terrorists won't just change their methods. People say things like, "When guns are illegal, only criminals will have guns," and then the same people say, "We need to make it illegal to send encrypted messages that we can't break." It doesn't make sense.

That's just to start. I'll think about more questions when those can be answered.

Comment my contribution (Score 1) 37

I've made one contribution to this game. A very minor one, but one I'm proud of nonetheless. I persuaded them to change their motto from: "Cause Civilization Should Be Free" to "'Cause Civilization Should Be Free". The missing apostrophe was just more than I could stand. :)

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