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Comment Re:File this under duh (Score 1) 549

Average job tenure is as high today as it ever was.

That seems like a pretty enormous claim and doesn't match my experience, have any data to back it up?

Here is a chart that shows a rise of average job tenure from 3.5 years 35 years ago, to 4.6 years today. The numbers come from the BLS.

Comment Re:Facepalm. (Score 1) 80

Why would a website need to know how much battery I have left (maybe so it can send more and more-obnoxious ads to me if my battery will stand it.)

Or maybe the inverse... Maybe show a simpler page (no videos?) if the battery level is in a discharge / low state.

That's not the inverse. It is the equivalent.

Comment Re:File this under duh (Score 2) 549

Thank you for the blinding flash of the obvious, Ms. Pugh.

What she says is not "obvious". It not even true. The "lifetime employment" of the past is a myth, based on false nostalgia. For most people, it never happened. Average job tenure is as high today as it ever was. We may have fewer people employed for 30 years at the same company, but we also have far fewer people employed as migrant workers or day laborers. Overall, people today have more job security than in the past, not less.

Comment Re:There was a point where Unicode needed to stop (Score 5, Insightful) 191

And they have clearly passed it.

Standards should formalize existing, established practices. They should not make stuff up and hope people like it. These allegycons should be implemented as image icons, and if people adopt them, and they are shown to be useful, then, and only then, should they be considered for incorporation into the standard. We don't need another trigraph debacle.

Comment Re:Good business (Score 2) 52

And create an Uber cartel that simply outbids the taxi drivers for government

Except that ride-sharing is not a cartel. There are no big barriers to entry. Even the "network effect" that allows, say, eBay to dominate auctions, doesn't apply as much to ride-sharing, since both drivers and riders can easily switch between multiple services on a ride-by-ride basis.

Comment Re:There is no shortage (Score 0) 42

IEEE is an organization of engineers who have a vested interesting discouraging competition to keep their salaries high, and Spectrum has always pandered to that perspective. Their views of this issue as about as slanted as Slashdot's hive mind.

I would contend that there is a shortage

So would I. Most STEM fields have an unemployment rate of 3% or less, while the national average is over 5%.

Most people, by definition, are average.

Nonsense. That is NOT the definition of "average".

The gent who wakes up and finds himself a success hasn't been asleep.