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Comment Re:This is why you buy Apple (Score 2) 134

Hondas have a reputation of being more dependable (and more expensive) than their domestic counterparts.

Honda is "domestic" by most criteria. Most Honda cars sold in America, are manufactured in America, from American parts, using American labor. Also, much of their stock is owned by Americans, so the profits as well as the wages stay in America.

Comment Re:And who trusts Financial "Advisors"? (Score 1) 71

Except past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Once you subtract out fees, past performance is not even correlated with future results. You should pick the diversified fund with the lowest fees, which means an index fund. That is the right choice for 98% of investors. The other 2% don't need advisors.

Comment Re: Sixth man on the soundstage! (Score 4, Funny) 110

Get a fucking telescope. Point at Moon. See Flag. See Rover.

That is only because the telescope manufacturers are in on the conspiracy. The telescopes have built in GPS modules that detect when you are pointing them at the moon, and then they project images of the flag and rover onto the lens. Duh.

Comment Re:I feel so conflicted... (Score 2, Insightful) 132

I think GP is referring to Common Core

That makes no sense, since CC does not specify any teaching method, only objectives.

Most people opposed to Common Core have little idea what it actually is. Democrats tend to oppose it because they oppose anything that may lead to accountability. Republicans tend to oppose it because, although it was their idea, Obama is now for it, so that means they have to be against it.

Besides, I doubt if there are many cashiers, competent or not, that were educated in arithmetic under Common Core, which has only been around for a few years.

Comment Re:I feel so conflicted... (Score 2) 132

The way they teach math now is so stupid and intentionally non-intuitive that it's no wonder kids can't do simple tasks like make change.

Could you please explain what your are talking about? I have two kids in public schools, and the math instruction is pretty much exactly what it should be. They focus on the basics, include real world applications (including "making change"), and allow smart kids to move ahead at their own pace on the computer.

Perhaps you are talking about New Math which was introduced in the 1960s, and then abandoned by 1970. That was five decades ago.

Comment Re:The Republicans are destroying our lives (Score 2) 180

This time they're arm and arm together screwing us.

Nope. Most Democrats oppose the TPP because the unions oppose it. Many Republicans oppose it because Obama is for it. It will not pass, or even be voted on, until after the election. If Bernie wins, TPP is dead. If Hillary wins, it may be dead because Bernie has forced her to take a stand against it. If Trump wins, it is likely dead. If an establishment Republican wins, it will have a good chance of being ratified.

Comment Re:Oh those poor hackers! (Score 2) 84

For many of these people, hacking is not their day job. Much hacking involves setting up automated scripts, which then run for hours or days, trying passwords or probing for open ports. In the meantime, the hackers can go about their lives, including going to their day jobs. If you look at the risk/benefit analysis, hacking makes a lot of sense, especially if you live in a jurisdiction that doesn't prosecute online crime.

Comment Re:Hell no to washington post link (Score 1) 40

WashPost link wasn't paywalled for me. You're in the US?

You may be able to bypass WoPo's paywall if you are coming from a .edu, .gov, or .mil client. You may also be able to access a quota of articles before the paywall kicks in. They play around with different policies, so I am not sure if these particular policies are currently in effect.

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