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Comment: Re:WHO IS JOHN GALT? (Score 2, Insightful) 612

by Shambly (#26622245) Attached to: Microsoft Says H-1B Workers Among Those Losing Jobs
It's only greed if you look at it from the perspective of the us worker. For the guy with the HB-1 visa its a great use of his skill and you better believe that he is getting paid more then he was back home otherwise he wouldn't of bothered to apply for one of the very few slots available. Why is his future worth any less then yours?

Comment: Re:Require pay and benefits parity (Score 4, Interesting) 612

by Shambly (#26621061) Attached to: Microsoft Says H-1B Workers Among Those Losing Jobs
I don't see why they should pay more for your services when someone is willing to do it for less. The company is the one suffering if they are missing adequate skill sets for what the task demands. I really don't understand why a company should "hire locally" first when its not in its best interest to do so.

+ - Greatest Intel Processor Decoder Ever!

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "According to EE Times, Intel has launched a tool ( ) to help its customers decode the myriad of different processors and chipsets that they make:

"The ARK (for Automated Relational Knowledgebase) site is intended as a way to navigate to detailed information such as data sheets on Intel's main processor and chip-set products. It sports a Google-like interface as well as pull-down menus that list lists more than 30 processor families and 50 chip sets. Drill down to the next level and you get a listing of as many as 20 individual products in the family, summary information on the family and links to data sheets and platforms using the chips."

Apparently, the one small catch is that one must register at first, but it seems like a small price to pay for the keys to the (silicon) kingdom!"

+ - Cellphones to provide traffic map without GPS

Submitted by SunSaw
SunSaw (700981) writes "The CBC reports today that Rogers wireless will be using cellphone triangulation to pinpoint users stuck in traffic and then beam that info back to their LiveTraffic subscribers. As an added bonus, all personal information is scrubbed from the data."

+ - Forgotten memory cards nearly flip election result->

Submitted by CorporalKlinger
CorporalKlinger (871715) writes "Many of America's larger election districts have already switched to electronic touchscreen voting. Despite all of the usual complaints about software security and lack of paper records for auditing purposes, one of the less insidious flaws with digital election recording came to light in Indianapolis this week: the ease with which an election could be flipped if officials simply 'forgot' to count votes on memory cards from specific districts. 'Two computer memory cards inadvertently left inside voting machines on Tuesday held enough votes to give the victory to Democrat incumbent Angela Mansfield in the race to represent City-County Council District 2. Tuesday, with all precincts reporting, [Republican candidate Schumacher] was listed as the winner on the Marion County Election Board's Web site. By 2 p.m. Thursday, after the memory cards were retrieved and the votes on them counted, [Schumacher] had 5,591 votes compared to Mansfield's 5,900. The reversal of fortune for Schumacher would leave the GOP with 16 seats and give the Democrats 13.' It leaves one to wonder how many other election results may be in error from November 6th due to mistakes such as this."
Link to Original Source

+ - Warner Bros. bans previews in Canada

Submitted by Shambly
Shambly (1075137) writes "In an article by the cbc Warner Bros announces that it will cancel all previews of Movies in Canada citing its reason it says "Recently, the U.S. International Intellectual Property Alliance put Canada on a watchlist of countries it believes responsible for illegal filming and copying of movies. The group alleged that the recording, movie and software industries lose $225 million a year due to illegal trafficking in Canada.""

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