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Comment: Re:A little more info from NASA (Score 2) 65

by Shambhu (#44910647) Attached to: Software Glitch Means Loss of NASA's Deep Impact Comet Probe

Essentially, yes. National Geographic's piece had this quote:

"Basically, it was a Y2K problem, where some software didn't roll over the calendar date correctly," said A'Hearn. The spacecraft's fault-protection software (ironically enough) would have misread any date after August 11, 2013, he said, triggering an endless series of computer reboots aboard Deep Impact.

As far as I can tell the significance of that date is that it is approximately 2^32 tenths of a second into the millennium.

Comment: Re:centrifuge (Score 1) 158

by Shambhu (#41581619) Attached to: NASA Prepares For Space Surgery and Zero Gravity Blood

Considering the costs and difficulties of sending extra mass along, maybe use another module instead of a counterweight. The crew can EVA between them or there could even be a connecting tube. If you use a rigid connector instead of tethers it will be easier to spin up and down. You can use an electric motor to spin up and maintain speed and possibly recapture the energy with a dynamo when spinning down.


+ - Best web development setup on a Mac 1

Submitted by Shambhu
Shambhu (198415) writes "I made the switch last year and got a Macbook Pro. I'm primarily a web developer, although I'm starting to get into iPhone and Android dev too. I guess I had assumed that I could run most of what I needed out of the box, being used to Unbuntu. But the standard versions of Apache and similar packages on OS X are really not of the same caliber. They aren't updated regularly, they sometimes leave out important bits (due to licensing, usually) and they also tend to have unconventional configuration setups. So I cast around a bit and ended up with a mix of Macports, XAMP and miscellaneous other stuff.

My MBP is in the shop right now and I'd like to start fresh. What's the best setup with emphasis on ease of use? Macports? Fink? Is there some other option I'm don't know about?"
Linux Business

+ - What is the best open source collaboration tool?

Submitted by Mentalus
Mentalus (1075115) writes "I'm working for a small company which specializes in writing custom software as a consultant service. We really need some tools for project tracking, some kind of wiki and also a calendar server. The problem is, the choices in this area are enormous! Which tools do you prefer? My former employer uses TRAC, but is there a better alternative?"

+ - Reading violent scriptures increases aggression

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Reading violent scriptures increases aggressive behavior, especially among believers, a new study finds. The study by University of Michigan social psychologist Brad Bushman and colleagues helps to illuminate one of the ways that violence and behavior are linked. "To justify their actions, violent people often claim that God has sanctioned their behavior," said Bushman, faculty associate at the U-M Institute for Social Research and lead author of the article published in the March 2007 issue of Psychological Science. "Christian extremists, Jewish reactionaries and Islamic fundamentalists all can cite scriptures that seem to encourage or at least support aggression against unbelievers." id=3191"

Always try to do things in chronological order; it's less confusing that way.