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by DigiShaman (#46776695) Attached to: Survey: 56 Percent of US Developers Expect To Become Millionaires

If interest rates go up, the price of homes could drop if not just level off. That's because people purchase a home based on what they can afford each month. Combine that with new laws now in place from the previous housing crash. Effectively, the banks are now making a profit rather then the home owner.

However all that said, Texas home prices aren't going anywhere but UP. Houston, Katy, Austin..etc. Exxon is the 2nd largest US company behind Google and is moving its HQ to the Woodlands which will employ 10,000 employees at the campus. Our governor has been poaching businesses from other states. People from said states are driving in droves to Texas. It's nuts! The traffic is getting worse and worse each year. Regardless, now the Chinese are investing in Texas real-estate which can only lead to a nasty bubble.

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by swillden (#46776627) Attached to: Google Looked Into Space Elevator, Hoverboards, and Teleportation

Google's primary goal is the technology, the profits and competitive advantage are a means to that end, not the other way around.

They are empire building. The technology is a means to that end.

The basis for your claim is?

The basis for my claim is three years of seeing how the company operates and what decisions it makes, and how, from the inside.

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How many times do they do it a week without all that official authorization stuff?

If they use them in criminal investigations the usage eventually becomes part of the public record when entered into evidence. Using them for search and rescue ought to be non-controversial enough. "National Security" is of course the grey area, though there's a fair amount of overlap between National Security and criminal prosecutions, for offenses like espionage or terrorism, so a lot of that use would eventually make it into the public record as well.


Code Quality: Open Source vs. Proprietary 89

Posted by Soulskill
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just_another_sean sends this followup to yesterday's discussion about the quality of open source code compared to proprietary code. Every year, Coverity scans large quantities of code and evaluates it for defects. They've just released their latest report, and the findings were good news for open source. From the article: "The report details the analysis of 750 million lines of open source software code through the Coverity Scan service and commercial usage of the Coverity Development Testing Platform, the largest sample size that the report has studied to date. A few key points: Open source code quality surpasses proprietary code quality in C/C++ projects. Linux continues to be a benchmark for open source quality. C/C++ developers fixed more high-impact defects. Analysis found that developers contributing to open source Java projects are not fixing as many high-impact defects as developers contributing to open source C/C++ projects."

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I guess the fact that bullying happens everywhere shouldn't be too much of a surprise to me, since we're all human after all. But how about official reaction and policies? Do other places (esp. developed nations) handle it as poorly as the US does, where victims are either ignored or worse punished by the school administrators?

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At least, won't everyone who's paid a middle to upper middle class wage, buys a house and saves for retirement eventually be a millionaire?

If you want to retire at 65 and have enough money to live a decent life for 30 years after that, you need pretty close to a million dollars plus a paid-off house. And, frankly, it's not that hard to accumulate a million dollars of net worth over a ~40-year career, assuming reasonable returns on your retirement account and modest appreciation on your home. I'm actually targeting net assets of two million for retirement, given that it's still 20 years away and I expect that inflation will roughly halve the value of the dollar between now and then.

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Regardless of the number of exclamation points you use, Mountain View and SF housing do affect one another. I know several people who have lived in both areas and who have opted for one over the other based on questions of price and convenience. Said (insane, IMO) prefer to live in SF, but some choose MTV because SF is too expensive. Lowering the cost of housing in MTV further -- and making it more convenient to the Google campus -- would induce some more to leave SF.

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Oh, around 1 they start moving around and can actually do things. Before that they're just spuds. They sleep a lot, or they're fine sitting under one of those musical mobile things. Once they're about 1, though, they can move around, but there's nothing for them to They're too old to just sit and they're too young to play with (you can play along side of them, but they don't really understand 'play with' yet).

And there's little difference between the TV and the iPad, that was mostly a joke. There is one important difference, though. There are no commercials on Netflix, so my child has never seen an advertisement.

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Journal: Mars, Ho! Chapter Fifteen

Journal by mcgrew

I started the long walk back to the pilot room wishing again for a bicycle or something.
A robot wheeled past. Hell, I should just flag down a robot. But, of course there was a reason for not having transportation; I remembered the climb up the boat when the whores locked me out and how tiring it was. A body needs exercise and the most I was going to get on a boat with two-thirds gravity was walking.

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I'm not saying this is the "right" or "best" solution, but...

I taught my son to punch hard and aim for the nose: "if you miss, you'll get his mouth or cheek or eye and it'll still hurt". I also explained that if the bully hit, slapped, tripped, or otherwise battered him, that my son was to lay him out. "What if I get in trouble?", he asked. "You let me handle that part", I replied. We had to play-act it a few times because my boy kept wanting to say something first, like "if you touch me again I'll hit you in the nose!" No. You've already warned him before and he kept it up. Don't talk: act.

Cut to a week later when the teacher was waiting for me when I went to get my son from school. "He hit another kid today." "Was it so-and-so?" "Yes." "Good. I told him to." The teacher looked around, leaned in and confessed: "someone needed to belt that little asshole."

The bullying ended that day. My boy stopped coming home with torn clothes, scratches, and bruises. My son got an enormous confidence boost and hasn't had a problem with other little thugs since then.

Violence is not the solution to all problems, but damned if it can't fix some.

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