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Comment: Re:For A Non-Profit, The NFL Sure Has A Lot Of Pul (Score 1) 133

by Shagg (#46122975) Attached to: Feds Grab 163 Web Sites, Snatch $21.6 Million In NFL Counterfeit Gear

Yes, but now that the information is out there, how many current players have retired early because of it? Only one that I've heard of. Whether or not the NFL deliberately hid information from past players probably wouldn't have made any difference either.

Comment: Re:User of service (Score 2) 170

by Shagg (#45859593) Attached to: Facebook Being Sued Over Mining of Private Messages

It is attitudes like this that encourages treating users like crap.

Yes, Facebook does treat it's users like crap.

Without the users they have zero value of what they have to offer the advertisers

True, but for now they have plenty of users (most of whom probably don't care that their information is being mined/sold). Until that changes, they will continue to treat them like crap.

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