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Comment Um... (Score 1) 412

So people want the headaches of dealing with potentially completely unknown strangers to have conflicts with? I used to work for a college and the dorms were dominated by conflicts between roomies 90% of the time from the sound of it... Regardless of how well they tried to find similar people to put together with surveys and other measures. That's also with thousands of people to work with each year as well.

These sounds like serious headaches.

Comment Re:Dump them as fast as you can (Score 2) 177

All this is fine in a place where you can make enough to do this...

I live in PA and work in IT (I have over 15 years in the field) and when I see say... a 6 month contract. They are paying 10-20k. Figuring you get 2 of those back to back to fir perfectly in a year your take home is 20-40k for a year. Unless you live in your parents basement living on that and then incorporating on top of that is going to be pretty insanely expensive. Certainly it is without benefits. Simple health care is going to run you ~$150-200/month on your own (unless you want to pay for nothing

Heck, I just saw a 2 month contract for Pittsburgh, PA and Strongville, OH... For $4k.The requirements to get the job are awfully high (nearly a decade of experience with Websphere, Windows, and Linux administration). Not including travel costs between locations. Heck they don't even reimburse you for the costs of the interview unless you get the job and they came to me. But... For what they wanted and what they were paying, it wasn't interesting for me.

In my experience in my state, contract work is for suckers because it's used by companies to undercut real employment. It's also used to get workers for much less than full time ones cost. 'Negotiate'? That doesn't happen. They tell you what they are paying and you can take it or leave it.

Locally government contracting is almost all short term programming gigs for the State. As someone who is not a programmer by trade, I haven't spent much time looking at them. I'd need to move to get Federal contracts and with my state not even being able to pass a budget for the last 5 months... Well not a good time to be a State employee.

Comment Re:What interface ? (Score 1) 178

As someone with a Skylake chip when I just last week rebuilt this machine... It may theoretically be able to power 3x 4k monitors, but I seriously doubt it could do much with them once it did. My new gear didn't like my old Radeon HD 6970 I wanted to use with it, so since I built it I've been running it's integrated GPU. Tomorrow a new shiny Radeon R9 390 arrives though and that... I can see doing something with multiple 4k screens.

Comment Re:how much lost really? (Score 2) 279

What I think is a better question is why they think anyone is doing this in the UK... Most cam copies I see are either from Slavic states near Russia or from somewhere in Asia. Most western world copies of movies tend to be screeners and other video sources and are in fact rare since companies started watermarking them. The only good use of a cam copy is pretty much deciding if the movie may be worth the hassle of a real theatre to go so or wait for a release copy.

Comment Re:He chose Democrat because reasons (Score 1) 281

While I don't give him good odds of getting elected, mostly because people can't seem to do more than vote for the candidates that get the biggest media campaigns, he's the only current candidate I'd even think of voting for. Lessig isn't my perfect candidate, but he is far more like it then any primary party candidate could ever be and still be part of their party. The greens and Libertarians have much the same issues as he does. The last good presidential third party candidates to get any traction have all been business people with the sheer money to rival any campaign the big two could field. Most people just can't be bothered to get a feel for candidates outside tv ads and billboards sadly. They hear talking points, see rallies in the local and national news, and then think 'this guy does things I like' or 'this guy is from the party I like' and vote for them. I'm certain this will continue even though I wish it would change.

Comment I don't know... (Score 4, Interesting) 307

I don't know... I barely watch regular tv anymore, but I've never once said 'I can't commit to another show, and I don't have the time to emotionally commit to another show.'. What I usually say is 'There is to much crap I have no interest in on tv', which includes lots of shows with interesting premises that never go anywhere. When I do find a show I like I'm lucky to get 13 episodes before they go on hiatus and run the risk of never being seen again because the metrics say it's not 'popular enough'. As has already been mentioned Firefly falls on this list, but plenty of others do as well. Networks are inherently fickle and wouldn't recognize good tv if it was used to hit them over the head. Thank god they are becoming less and less needed to handle entertainment.

Comment Re:Better power supplies (Score 1) 207

Ironically I just had my Seasonic 80+ gold rated power supply die... While a bunch of PSUs I have in older systems before 80+ was a thing are still running just fine. It was effectively silent, but then GPU and CPU fans have always been louder than PSU fans in all the systems I've built since dedicated graphics cards with 3D became a thing.

Now the reason I bought it at the time was that it had some of the tightest power to the correct ratings for it's rails compared to other brands in testing. And from what my MB reported this was true with highly accurate power to the rails that never really fluctuated. But arguing that as a selling point for most people is probably kinda hard.

Comment Re:Not even wrong (Score 1) 118

When I first saw the article I said 'Just follow the money'. Well duh, most trials proved the newest 'wonder drug' from some big company worked when they had no need to document all of the things that went into the research. Only drugs that couldn't manage in any way to produce significant positive results would fail. That makes perfect sense when the medical scientists in question usually know what side is paying the bills it's always in their best interest.

Comment Still ugly as sin (Score 0) 249

My problem with non Tesla full electrics has been there god awful style... Ok, some crazy people want boxes with wheels and other retarded car concepts... But Most people want a car that looks fun and interesting and most electrics outside Tesla seem to have had designers who wouldn't know a good looking car if it drove over their foot... This car form the single picture looks like more of the same.

Why can't I get an electric car that looks nice outside a Tesla I (so far) cannot afford?

Comment Re:I went the other way. (Score 2) 227

I'd go further and say Networking is hardly immune to H1B's either... The networking departments at all the big companies (fortune 500) in my area are 90% H1B imports rather than 'native born' Americans. On applications for new networking jobs here the last 3 years have added a line asking if I would need sponsorship to stay in the US if I worked for them and it seems to coincide with the trend of the big companies not to hire Americans. I live between Buffalo, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh (those cities make a handy triangle where I've worked) and it's become chronic here.

So yes, I'd suggest he goes for being the CIO. Companies tend to not outsource executives, so he's much safer there if he can successfully break into a market filled by business people.

Comment Re:or $2,000 per household, owed by non-subscriber (Score 5, Informative) 204

Probably because the people at the ISP's don't give a shit what services the people there need/want?

I briefly tried to take a blog on technology issues into the domain of a youtube channel. However my internet is a 20/1 connection, at 1 mbps it takes me 3-4 hours to upload one ~40 minute segment. While I'm uploading I can't even use the internet for anything else. I need much faster up, but those big companies don't give a rats ass what I need. My best option for internet is what I have now. No business options even exist beyond what I have for residential service (a 3x bill just gets me 24/7 support and a change of name to 'business service').

These companies want to milk existing infrastructure for their own profit with no benefit to their customers. The other big businesses and financial services who own their stock get a good return though.

Comment Re:What are the practical results of this? (Score 2) 430

My area (30 minutes outside one of the 100 largest cities in the US) has two choices for wired internet:
Time Warner Cable @ ~$50/month for 20/1 bandwidth (and massive throttling at times)
Verizon DSL @ ~$45/month for 1.5m/512k bandwidth

Time Warner increased speeds 3 years ago, but Verizon hasn't bothered to ever increase their speeds. However they do now offer 3G service in my area (woo) which offers fairly similar cellular speeds, though service is spotty and it's easy for your house to not get reception.

I suggested 2 years ago though my community get together to create an alternative because business was leaving due to lack of connectivity. We had spent years complaining, but even that large city near us has few non-business connectivity options beyond those I listed above (though they have 4G cellular service). They just say "look even the big city doesn't have good options, these things take time!" When we tried to create a third option, both companies stood in our way by sending representatives to the city council and 'explaining' how our plan would hurt them ever rolling out increased service for us. The council turned us down. Without the help of city council we simply cannot roll our own option (cannot use any public land at all or even private land without individual consent). So we simply cannot roll out a third option. All of that is without the fact that in every other area I've heard of if we did start to lay lines got sued by the incumbents.

They care about money and only money. Talking to them gets you nowhere because they no you only have them as options...

Comment Re:"IT workers" vs. programmers not finding work? (Score 1) 398

I know this is really late to reply, but

I don't specifically have any work experience with either VMWare or Hyper V as they have never been part of a job I've had. I do have some experience using VMWare on spare hardware at home, but if it is not part of your job it's exceedingly hard to get solid experience that is useful for a corporate environment that does use them.

As for Linux and Apple 'experience' 9/10ths of the systems I've managed (even currently) are windows so I don't feel comfortable saying more than 'I have experience with'. If 9/10ths of the system I have worked with ran linux I'd probably be an expert at such things. Same with macs. However neither while I'm familiar with them and can solve a number of issues related to them, I'm hardly an expert. What terminology would you suggest to imply competence without expert knowledge? 'Experience with' sounds right to me.

And I have non-work related experience in information security (upon graduation my focus was IT security, then my first job above entry level was network administration). However few places seem to acknowledge non-work experience these days. Certification is almost equally iffy, you need to pick the certification your potential employer wants to go with. It's not like networking where a Cisco cert goes a long way because they buy out anyone who produces a better product.

As is my last job bridged management and administration (highest ranked in the IT totem pole that lacked a CIO/CTO reporting directly to the executives), I've been aiming for heading another step up. However my stumbling block there is a lack of a masters degree which seems to somehow now be a requirement for so many IT management positions (which makes zero sense).

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