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Shadow Wrought's Journal: Red 5

Journal by Shadow Wrought
Retired, Extremely Dangerous

Saw this last night at the cheap theatre down the way. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The plot moved along nicely, the action sequences had a great blend of humor and stunts, and I thought the cast was great. A perfect popcorn film.

I also had no idea it was assocaited to DC COmics until I saw the credits. Anyway know about both?
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  • You can probably skip the comic if you've already seen the movie. It's only 3 issues long, only really has the Bruce Willis role and two CIA honchos with any kind of facetime, and the tone's darker.

    It's really just sliver of an idea but well-executed. As the author noted, to bump it up to fill 90 minute of screentime, the screenwriters did a great job of enlarging the cast and the premise while still holding mostly true to the central idea.
    • Warren Ellis [warrenellis.com] (co?)wrote the comic, fwiw.

      Also, Helen Mirren in an elegant white evening gown firing a heavy machine gun. Hee!

      • Also, Helen Mirren in an elegant white evening gown firing a heavy machine gun. Hee!


        I loved that part. Especially since she looked totally bored :-)

        Warren Ellis (co?)wrote the comic, fwiw.

        I caught the name briefly in the credits but not the attribution. I conjectured in my reply to the good Captain that he might've helped on the screenplay, but it sounds like he was the creator.
      • Uncle Warren and I go way back. Started reading the guy back in the mid-90s.

        Further reading. [warrenellis.com]

        Also. [warrenellis.com]
    • Good to know! Actually, I did notice the name Warren Ellis in the credits, and I'm not entirely sure if it was his doing or not, but I have seen more RT's of him on twitter than anyone else. So, I can't help but think that that's not coincidence.

      Movies, books, and comics are all such different mediums to story telling that translations between them are tricky. The best seem to be the ones that stay true to the theme and a good deal of the plot, but try to tell the story in the new format. I think tha

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