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Comment Freagin microservices (Score 4, Insightful) 271

That stupid fad is created by small tech startups looking at how unicorn companies run, then bringing that in the big boy world and eventually going "What the fuck have we done?!"

Yeah, if you microservice everything, you can ship those services faster. Much much faster. You redefined what it means to "ship". Instead of shipping a full feature, you shipped a tiny piece of one. But now that thing has to interact and be compatible with everything else that talks to it.

At first, it just makes things easier. Until all the stuff you extracted into microservices become tech debt (well, they were tech debt to begin with: that's why extracting them out increased your velocity, and ignoring them is making you so much faster). You can't forget they existed forever...and it comes back. "Who knows what service XYZ does again?" "Look at that fucking outdated doc on the wiki! Good luck! Its in Perl 3!"

And then you just massively increased complexity and trashed your velocity. It just happens later. Congratz, you can scale devops sky high...for a short of time...maybe a few years if you're good. Then it comes crashing down. But you can tell yourself its because you're not a "big company" and the "nimble startups" are catching up...until they make the same mistake.

Comment Re:Broken (Score 1) 123

I can't find the page right now, but Google publishes an official "update SLA", where they say how long they will update their devices. So far they've always followed it as a minimum, and in many cases pushed updates for longer. It is a bit short for taste though, but you at least get to know what you're in for.

Comment Re:Yay!!! (Score 1) 409

bug specific to the version of jira you use or something? My previous company used jira with 500~ engineer/product people, and almost everyone used Chrome with it no problem... Current one uses the latest version of Jira, about 80 product/engineers, and i think only 2 people use firefox. No one has issues with it.

Comment Re:No DX11 - DX12 comparisons this time (Score 1) 51

This time its a bit special, and kind of similar (just a little) to the days of the 9000 series, where an implementation decision completely fucked them over once the next version of directx came out.

The async compute shaders don't quite work as expected on their current cards. I didn't keep up so my info could be up to date, but they were going to partially fix it in software.

I dunno if it happened or will happen and how effective it will be. But any game implementing async shaders in DX12 would tilt things in AMD's favor to some extent.

Comment Re:Homeopathy as euthanasia. (Score 1) 414

Most homeopathic "medicines" are unpatented herbal potions

Nope. Homeopathy != herbal remedy, natural medicine, or whatever else. It is something very specific. If it contains anything else but water (on top of whatever it takes to make a pill or whatsnot) and negligible traces, if any, of active ingredient, it isn't homeopathy

Comment Re:No, if you don't suck at your job (Score 1) 100

It seems to me like it would be purely a supply and demand thing.

If you only look at the pool of devs in a locality, you have, at most, the population within a couple of miles range of that locality. If you accept remotes, you have the entire world. And you only need 1 (or 10, or 100, or 1000, doesn't matter). Your demand is fixed, but your supply changes depending on if you want on site vs remote.

Then you have the fact that the guy who's paying for his million dollar condo in SF/NYC/Cambridge will negotiate a lot harder than the guy who's living in upstate NY.

Obviously, if you made a name for yourself, since highly qualified engineers are hard to find, you basically can bill whatever the fuck you want.

Comment Re:Coder all day long? I wish. (Score 1) 100

It's the pendulum issue. Once upon a time, people thought all they needed was coders. They would hire anyone that could code, or even outsource the job.

They didn't work so hot, because you actually need someone with critical thinking, business knowledge, experience, and the ability to actually engineer a system, not just code it, to keep it ticking.

So then they go the other way. Coders are useless, I just want the tip top 1% of the 10x devs. Now, even forgetting how hard it is to find these folks, there's another problem: When you're trying to do something stupid, the engineer you just hired will actually tell you. And that hurts your ego, as a product manager, CEO, whatever. Its your job to tell how the product should be built! The fact that the guy or girl you just hired has already done the same damn thing you thought was your brilliant idea before, and will tell you better ways of doing it...that just causes friction.

So then you realize what you really want is someone to acts on your marching orders...a coder!

And the cycle repeats.

Comment Re:She lost her appeal, after all. (Score 1, Informative) 173

Too much proteines is pretty rough on your kidneys. That's why people going on protein diets (probably one of the easiest way to lose weight) have to be closely followed by doctors, and why body builders often learn the hard way they actually need kidneys.

And the whole point of my post was talking about the "ridiculous standard that are blasted to us by the medias and societies". For both men and women, getting there is absurd. Getting to a "reasonable and healthy" level isn't that bad for either men or women though.

Comment Re:Summary (Score 1) 137

my biggest gripe about Edge is the font rendering. Unless you have a 4k display and upscale to 125% (minimum), it looks like Linux's fonts in 1999.

I'm not that sensitive to these things, but in a browser where i spend most of the time looking at text, something that bad is too much. I don't even mind ClearType vs MacOSX/FreeType. But the grayscale thingy they use in Edge is just useless unless you have god-level DPI.

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