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Comment: Re:Was Safari ever a force in the browser market? (Score 1) 252 252

It was pretty popular if your demographic was younger people, design people, or startups/small scale companies that aren't tied to Windows stuff (a lot of HR or sales software are).

If you were in those demos, you could easily get a 20-30% market share.

Had to be careful when taking the metrics though. Safari's splash page showing most popular sizes would render thumbnails by running all javascripts, with only an http header that can only be inspected server side to differentiate it (so pages on CDNs need not apply if using a hosted tracking suite like Omniture or Google Analytics). That would make Safari look like it had 50-60% market share on a bad day and confuse people like crazy.

Still it has a decent share, enough that you need to support it.

Comment: Re:Heavens Forbid (Score 1) 254 254

As someone mentioned, one black woman, but probably a lot more woman. They were probably mostly all Asians.

Where I work, in the last 60 engineering hires (we're a semi-established but still small startup), we hired 100% of the black people who applied. 100% of them are among some of our most senior, respected employees, who are constantly winning every hackathons, prizes, company value awards, and are always present in promotions round. ALL OF THEM.

That is, all of them because only ONE ever applied. And by applied, I mean talk to us. It was a cold call that we poached from one of our -customers- (so we had to do something ethically ambiguous to get him).

It has to start at the cultural level when they're kids. So they stop worshipping hoodie wearing, gold chain dangling rappers that say "dope" as their every other word while making fun of everyone smart. Someone above mentioned it was a white created phenomenon. Fine. Wherever it comes from, you have to stop THAT before anything gets better.

Comment: Re:What were they thinking? (Score 3, Interesting) 177 177

The difference is that merely being a dickhead is relatively low risk

People don't try to understand why rules are there. "Don't park there" could be because the snow truck has low visibility and risks ripping your car off. "Don't jaywalk" has a pretty fucking good reason behind it. Ignoring non-smoking signs isn't just being a dick head. My condo complex has a no BBQ rule, because its a group of historical buildings that are basically dry firewood close to each other. I don't think anyone aside me does NOT have a BBQ. Someday everyone will roast alive.

Thats my point: people cannot make the difference between just being a dick head and putting themselves and others genuinely at risk. Rules are meant to be ignored, no matter how important they are, to these people.

Comment: Re:Garbage in, Garbage out (Score 1) 254 254

The city where I live, when they had to hire someone to manage the school district and took public opinion, a lot of people were asking for diversity. We are an ethnically diverse city and that is part of the culture and it needs to be preserved.

So we need someone that represents said diversity.

What they repeatedly asked for? "Someone of non-euro-african or asian descent", the spanish community was asking.

Holy shit that's diverse.

When people ask for diversity, what they usually ask for isn't to exclude white christian English speaking males. That would be increasing diversity.

No no. What they want to for their particular group to increase. If you increase diversity via other groups, "it doesn't count. But if they say it that way, no one will take them seriously. Thats why having lots of asians is bad for them. Asians are a proof that people who aren't Caucasian christians can succeed. Hell, southern Chinese are hardly white. And historically they had a hard time, so its not like they were born into riches.

But nope, doesn't count!

Comment: Re:What were they thinking? (Score 4, Insightful) 177 177

but what kind of idiot

You're in a world where everyone is constantly being told to do whatever the fuck they want, and everyone else is told to deal with it. People smoke while leaning on no-smoking signs, people drive through streets clearly labeled as private streets, people scream in libraries, yap on their phones in theaters, and take flash pictures in zoos scaring the animals away and there is fuck all reasonable people can do about it.

So now you have a rule in an amusement park that some idiots don't think apply to them (as usual), and its actually really important. You think they'll get it, after being able to ignore every other fucking rule they were ever subject to?

No, they won't. They'll treat the "No selfie stick sign" the same way they will every other damn sign they ignored.

Comment: Not really. Don't install iTunes for one. (Score 1) 512 512

There's a few things that are hard to avoid on Windows. Startup slowdown is one of those, because way too many software do stupid shit on startup. An SSD will largely solve this problem.

For the OS itself? It should stay snappy for years and years.

Certain pieces of software will kill it. Many popular anti-virus are worse than the viruses themselves, including very popular ones (Avast used to be a prime offender. I don't know about today, but so many people kept recommending it...).

Another major killer is iTunes. This one is even worse because of the psychological aspect. Its an Apple product, and it makes Windows go to a crawl. People using itunes are very likely to be also using MacOSX at time, even if they use Windows at others. So then they compare Windows with itunes to MacOSX, and conclude that Windows is far worse than it truly is.

Comment: Re:Pharmaceutical Science (Score 1) 666 666

Let me guess. You're one of those the article talk about, who doesn't know what homeopathy is.

Just in case: natural products, herbs, and all kind of old school medicines are not homeopathy.

Homeopathy exclusively refers to some absurd ritual involving diluting a tiny spec of something into water until its so diluted there's virtually not a single molecule of the original left.

There has never been an homeopathic remedy that ended up as a "standard" medicine. All it is is distilled water. Nothing else.

Comment: Re:San Francisco != Silicon Valley (Score 1) 410 410

If you live further out you usually want to work remotely though. If you work for a local company, salary just matches cost of living, so you may not make significantly more.

Live in the middle of nowhere while working remotely for a company in a big tech hub, and getting the same salary as they give locals though? CHACHING!

Comment: Re:$2b / 9m users (Score 1) 80 80

The time your devops will take to setup that stuff, unless they're way underpaid, is almost not worth it. Github also has brand recognition.

Regardless of whats worth it or not, a TON TON TON of companies are using private github repos or github enterprise. Maybe it doesn't make sense, people still do it.

Company i work for does it. And its not that we don't do VPS. We spend more money in hosting and VPS than we do on payroll (a few hundred employees, mostly engineers). Even if you just go and dump git on a host (thats what I do at home), you don't get all of github's features. You -can- easily get all of it with free tools, but thats work, and its debatable if its better (its better in some ways, worse in others).

Comment: Re:$2b / 9m users (Score 1) 80 80

The enterprise plans aren't cheap, and private github repos are pretty popular with startups (of which there's a bazillion of them now).

Of course they aren't going to get 222/user per year. If they did, their valuation would be 5-10 billion, not 2. No company makes their entire valuation in revenue every year.

Work smarter, not harder, and be careful of your speling.