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Comment: Fare thee well, Sir. (Score 1) 1521 1521

Slashdot came around just as I was starting college... perfect timing and really influenced me at the time. My interest has waxed and waned, mostly waned in the last five years or so, but the influence Slashdot had on the burgeoning web can not be denied. Godspeed CmdrTaco. Godspeed.

Comment: Re:"Learn How to Become" More Transparent? (Score 1) 232 232

How does an company like Microsoft "learn" to become more "transparent"?
Painfully, with community push, things like the IronRuby project and groups like Alt.NET really are slowly changing the way Microsoft operates. Tell me ScottGu would have been where he is now 10 years ago at MS.


Unofficial Win2K Daylight Saving Time Fix 299 299

Saturn2003a writes "Microsoft has stated that they will not be offering a patch for the new US Daylight Saving Time for Windows 2000 and earlier. Only customers with an extended support agreement can get a Hotfix from Microsoft. To get around this, IntelliAdmin has created an unofficial patch (source code provided) that will fix Daylight Saving Time on Windows 2000 and Windows NT machines."

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