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Finnish Police: If You See Uber Car, Call 911 330

emakinen writes: The police in Helsinki, Finland has announced in a tweet that if you see someone driving Uber car, you should call 911 (or actually, 112 in Finland). In an article in the local newspaper they have explained that there is an ongoing investigation to find out whether or not Uber is legal in Finland and they want to interrogate Uber drivers. Normally you should have a permit to drive a taxi in Finland.

Comment DoD too, or just civilians? (Score 1) 123

I've been trying to find out whether the breach of background investigation info also includes military. I underwent an FBI background check in the 90's, and if there are 21 million records stolen, I have a feeling mine could be one of them. The paperwork I had to fill out pretty much told my life story, and I had to give names and addresses and phone numbers of people I knew. Which the FBI didn't talk to, they asked for others that knew me from those 5. Hell they even interviewed my high school counselor.

Regardless I am not feeling worried. What would the Chinese want with me nowadays? :-) Still a bit creepy though.

Comment Re:buy low sell high (Score 1) 552

I guess I should've taken that $2k offer my 3 digit UID when I chance. It's been a fun 18 years or so, but the future of /. doesn't seem to bright.

Wait, what? Is that for real, $2k? LOL. I didn't come across /. for a couple years after it got really going, hence never had an offer to sell my UID.

As for the future, I'm going to try and be optimistic.

Comment Re:Fail2ban (Score 1) 157

And when I'm in a really bad mood and your source IP comes from HINET, I'll just block your entire subnet. Permanently. Because if there are actually any honest people on HINET, they're just lonely little fish in the shark tank.

I outright block smtp connections from them and any hosts that match these. There is nothing coming from hinet worth accepting.

Comment Re:Flawed statistics are flawed (Score 1) 114

Nope. Sorry. Spam is alive and well as it always was. But more and more companies are switching to mail for sending their bills.

I think you meant email for sending bills. Yes that's a good thing. I still stuff envelopes for those who refuse to get invoices via email.

And no, the spam problem is still alive and well. I responded to a user earlier who said he only gets 1 or 2 spams a month in his inbox, so no spam problem. He neglected completely all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into that excellent result. But there is still a ton of cpu time all over the planet dedicated to filtering that shit out!

I'm tired of spammers, seriously tired.

Comment Re:Does anyone pay attention to the music in films (Score 1) 66

While he's largely a TV guy, I'm a big fan of Bear McCreary. He did Battlestar Galactic and likely several other sci-fi shows you watch.

Oh for sure. I mean, it only took the opening scene of BSG to get me pretty hooked and the music just added to the awesome factor. Then it just got better!

And there seem to be many trolls saying this isn't news for nerds and yada yada. But they likely did not watch Wrath of Khan in a theater at first release. I was just closing in on being a teenager. Sometimes the music gets stuck in my head I have so many neurons dedicated to its storage! Hah.

Seriously though, we'll never know now his future compositions. Damn!

Comment Re:speaking as a backer... (Score 1) 72

It's easy to criticize a low budget spacecraft. "They shouldn't have had a log file overflow". "They should have tested panel deployment under realistic conditions". That covered 99% of the comments in the previous slashdot thread about this thing..

You've done well.

Comment Re:ads with audio, wtf (Score 1) 212

Load up slashdot, audio starts playing automatically -- from an ad! I hit the mute button on the ad and it doesn't work! Audio still plays. I was having some decency in not using adblockers so /. still gets the ad revenue. Now I will likely never return. Screw you slashdot. Then, I have to put up with a terrible article that makes no sense. Slashdot died after Dice tookover, sorry.

I agree the ad load can be atrocious. They tend to slow down my chromebook, and once I watched my router for traffic when I loaded up slashdot, and oh boy was it sending a google of requests to dozens of places.

One solution is to log in and maintain excellent karma, that way you may get a neat little check box that says "Disable Ads". Once in awhile they remove it but eventually it comes back. I have no idea what heuristics they use to determine you're eligible. But I don't get why there are so many ACs around. You all aren't slashdotting from work _all the time_ are you?

Comment Re: What... (Score 1) 212

Yes, and the first AC was pointing out where you could get it from.

LOL. This thread is funny as hell! It was obvious right away he's asking to have his UID *instead* of his own. But being that the other guy's is just a tad shy of 700,000, it wouldn't be much of an improvement!

Sheesh! Get over it.

Comment Re:Odd thoughts: (Score 1) 285

One thing nice about Powershell is that you can truncate options as long as they're not abmiguous. So you can make -Recursive be -Rec, or even -R, as long as there's not also a -Recreate or -Recover options. That seems to be a nice middle-ground.

Interesting tidbit. Reminds of the linux ip command, such as "ip a a" instead of "ip address add". There are others I'm sure, but that command I end up using a lot.

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