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Comment: Re:Not sure (Score 1) 118

by Sez Zero (#47372499) Attached to: Chinese Company '3D-Prints' 10 Buildings In One Day

I assume you missed the part about building 10 single-room buildings in a day for $5,000 each.

Well, the price is right, but people have been building modularly for a long time. Single room buildings don't really seem that challenging, especially since it is just a concrete box.

The Hilton Palacio Hotel in San Antonio was built in just 202 days, and that was 500 rooms, fully furnished, decorated and kitted (down to the bottle openers and coffee makers). And this was back in 1968.

Comment: Re:What is "Dead" (Score 2) 283

by Sez Zero (#47304673) Attached to: Perl Is Undead

I can't remember the last time a [major] web site or web framework was done in Perl.

Oh, I dunno, how about (about)? 'World's leading online accommodation provider' where 650K rooms a night are booked (they're owned by Priceline group, if that's a more popular brand where you live)?

A YAPC talk by one of their employees says 99% of their code is Perl. Check out their dev blog.

Comment: Re:Yes, Perl is indeed dead and rotting (Score 4, Informative) 283

by Sez Zero (#47301263) Attached to: Perl Is Undead
Perl 5.20 was just released and "represents approximately 12 months of development since Perl 5.18.0 and contains approximately 470,000 lines of changes across 2,900 files from 124 authors."

That doesn't seem to bad to me, but I'm not sure how that number of core release authors compares to other languages like Python or Ruby.

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by Sez Zero (#46877965) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Intelligently Moving From IT Into Management?

I was just going to write the same thing: if you hired someone you trust, trust that they are going to do the job well.

I like the three month transition plan given by Capt.DrumkenBum below, but I'd also like to add that you should try not to take too much pride or ownership in your existing systems. If new guy is going to change them and has good reason, be supportive, even if it feels personal. New guy has to run the ship now, let him run it the way it works, and works for him. Even if you have to say goodbye to one of your own creations and ways of doing things.

Having been there myself, it isn't always easy to go from micro to macro (or trusting someone else to handle some your old micro), but try to think of it is standing on shoulders instead of standing on toes. Now you have bigger challenges to face.

I'm sure there's a John Travlota joke about letting go to be made here...

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by Sez Zero (#46598499) Attached to: Prototype Volvo Flywheel Tech Uses Car's Wasted Brake Energy

Williams F1 has been working on this technology for quite awhile now. It's definitely fascinating. This video shows the technology applications.

Porsche also used the same Williams tech for their endurance 911 GT3R.

Nothing really new to see here; another instance of racing tech trickling down to production vehicles.

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