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Comment Memories! (Score 1) 539

Man. Memories for sure. I got my start with Linux as a freshman in college in 1992. I happened to be living in the same dorm building as Matt Welsh, a major contributor to the early Linux documentation efforts. He hooked me up with a box of 3.5" floppies holding SLS Linux with the 0.98 kernel on it. Good times.

Well, for some value of "Good times" :) I think being extremely young and naive helped me keep up the energy to play around and be adventurous with Linux, as unstable and fluid as it was in those days. I probably would not have the patience anymore. I guess that's why I'm perfectly happy with Ubuntu now. Too many memories of recompiling the kernel to get the newest (and hopefully less buggy) ethernet or Tseng Labs ET4000 X11 drivers!

Comment Excellent film (Score 1) 294

I have to agree with some of the other commenters -- it really is an excellent film. I think it's a testament to how engrossing it is that when I got to the infamous scene, I wasn't distracted or amused by its association with all of the YouTube clips I'd watched, because I was fully engaged with the film and the story by that point.

And yes, I would likely never have seen or even heard of this film without the YouTube parodies. They made at least one DVD sale right here.


Submission + - UNIX V7 ported to i386 (nordier.com)

Seth Morabito writes: "Ever wanted to run the classic original AT&T UNIX V7, but just couldn't bring yourself to fire up that PDP-11 you have in your garage? Robert Nordier has recently announced a port of the V7 source to Intel. It supports ATA disks, ATAPI CD drives, 1.44M floppy disks, and standard PC serial ports. Robert describes the port as “stable and quite generally usable”. Fun for anyone wanting to play with a piece of UNIX history."

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