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Comment: Re:As well they should. (Score 2) 243

by Ogive17 (#48083509) Attached to: 2014 Nobel Prize In Physics Awarded To the Inventors of the Blue LED
My alarm clock had a blue hue, even on the dimmest setting it was enough to illuminate the room after a few minutes when my eyes adjusted to the low light level.

Maybe instead of being a terror, my cat was actually trying to give me a better night's sleep by chewing through the cord rendering it useless.

Comment: Re:Say "No more!" to Climate Posts (Score 1) 423

by Ogive17 (#48074151) Attached to: Past Measurements May Have Missed Massive Ocean Warming
Climate change or not, do you feel that we should aim to minimize our impact on earth... our home?

Personally, I feel it's irresponsible to pretend we have no impact. I don't care if it's a large or small impact, it still exists. It's embarassing that we reject change that could make the lives of many people better, because we've got to protect a few profits.

Comment: Re:online internet jobs (Score 1) 37

by Ogive17 (#48021633) Attached to: Marines Put Microsoft Kinect To Work For 3D Mapping
The investment to make these scan spam accounts probably makes it worthwhile if they only have a clickthrough rate of 1/1000. Most netizens see it for what it is however many people do think that replying with anger is going to solve the problem. It's easier to report and ignore (when those functions are available)

Comment: Re:I dunno about LEDs, but CFLs don't last (Score 1) 602

by Ogive17 (#48002679) Attached to: The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy
Personally - I've only ever replaced one CFL and that was because I broke it with a broom handle by accident.

9 years a home owner with roughly 20 CFLs throughout the house (and 1 CFL in the lamp post light out front which survived one of the coldest winters in Ohio). I always get the bargain CFLs too.

Comment: Re:I look forward to Minecraft with my son (Score 1) 174

by Ogive17 (#47947663) Attached to: The Minecraft Parent
Just love it when people jump to extreme conclusions on /.

Coordination in a sense that he will need to learn what materials, and how many, are required to proceed.

I played soccer, football, baseball through high school and have since taken up golf and ice hockey as an adult. My son is going to have plenty of opportunities to play outside, especially since there is a pack of kids running around outside nearly every evening.. spring through fall. Next year my son will be with them.

And I plan on sitting next to my son and creating with him in game. If we can do it once a week for an hour or two, that will be a great way to spend some time with him.

Comment: Re:Pleasant? (Score 4, Interesting) 174

by Ogive17 (#47946483) Attached to: The Minecraft Parent
Wow, where to start?

While a game was supposed to be nonviolent, plenty of Minecraft servers seem to have added functionality that allows direct fighting and ability to kill other players. Chat capabilities go unmonitored and "adult language" is widespread.

So do not let your child play, unsupervised, on these public servers. You cannot get to a server without specifically adding the server address (which you typically get by searching on the internet).

On a personal level, it annoys me that a game world with a level of 3d graphics and physics sophistication that was state of the art 20 years ago is extremely popular today, but I can see the draw of "retro" look and feel.

So graphics trumps gameplay for you? I still play my favorite NES/SNES games on an emulator because of how much fun they are, not what they look like.

Comment: I look forward to Minecraft with my son (Score 1) 174

by Ogive17 (#47946401) Attached to: The Minecraft Parent
My son is still too young, only 1.5 years old.. but when he's around 3 I plan to let him start fiddling around on the computer, specifically with Minecraft.

It takes coordination, cooperation, critical thinking, and creativity to create in this game and I'm looking forward to having this be one of the activities we do together as he gets older. Of course I also cannot wait until he's old enough for legos.. I only wish I did not sell all of mine 20 years ago in a garage sale..

I watch some streamers on twitch, for the "pros" everything is automated for them as they have done it all so many times. I'm still a noob at the game since I don't have much free time to play but look forward to exploring the game more with my son.

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