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Comment: Re:Weakest US President ever (Score 4, Insightful) 574

by Ogive17 (#47545483) Attached to: Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine
Mid-east fighting, 2000 years and going strong. Yes, clearly not having peace there is Obama's fault...

I just don't get this bravado from some Americans that think we should be directly involved in every conflict around the globe. Ironically, all these global conflicts are a huge drain on the national treasury. Can't cut the budgets and join a few wars at the same time.

Comment: Re:That's how I clean my cat's litter box. (Score 4, Funny) 58

Easy enough to check. Send up a can of mixed nuts to the space station and put it in a slow centrifuge. Spin it for a few days then open it up and... shit, someone ate all the cashews and almonds, and reluctantly the peanuts, leaving only the brazil nuts. FAIL.

Comment: banananana monoculture (Score 2) 396

by OglinTatas (#47245679) Attached to: "Super Bananas" May Save Millions of Lives In Africa

One of the problems with banananas is that food crop bananas are clones, and so as a monoculture the crops are prone to complete loss by disease.

Unrelated, but mentioned in the article, everything that is not dark green or orange that you add vitamin A to will take on an orange hue. That is not a surprise. Also not a problem.


Iran Court Summons Mark Zuckerberg For Facebook Privacy Violations 304

Posted by timothy
from the beacon-of-tolerance-and-privacy dept.
wiredmikey (1824622) writes "An Iranian judge has summoned Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to answer allegations that his company's apps have breached people's privacy, it was reported Tuesday. The court in Fars province ordered that Zuckerberg address unspecified 'violation of privacy' claims made by Iranians over the reach of Facebook-owned apps, ISNA news agency reported. 'Based on the judge's verdict, the Zionist manager of Facebook... should report to the prosecutor's office to defend himself and make compensation for damages,' Rouhollah Momen-Nasab, a senior Iranian Internet security official, told ISNA. Access to social networks, including Twitter and Facebook, are routinely blocked by Iranian authorities, as are other websites considered un-Islamic or detrimental to the regime."

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