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Journal Journal: Apology

As you know, I'm a troll impostor of Seth Finkelstein. I post long-winded diatribes to mock the fixation of Mr. Finkelstein with Slashdot and its editor Michael Sims, with whom Finkelstein has fought a long-running battle.

In a recent posting, I referenced "pictures of my daughter" with a fake URL that would suggest "my daughter's" name is Sylvia. In a retort by the real Mr. Finkelstein, he explained that "Sylvia" is in fact the name of his late grandmother.

I offer my humblest apologies to Mr. Finkelstein. I chose the name "Sylvia" arbitrarily and did not mean to evoke unpleasant memories.

In the future, I vow to post only ad hominem attacks on Michael Sims and fake legal information to fuel Slashbots' desire for what they would loosely term "freedom."

The Internet

Journal Journal: Bleat, you sheep! 1

Wow. A really biased, unscientific comparison between Google and Overture gets moderated way the hell up without question. The Slashdot groupthink is hard at work debunking every other search engine, even though "Overture search" is merely a test of Overture's sponsored listing features.

A better comparison would have been to compare, say, a Yahoo! search to a Google search. But as we say back home, let the sheep bleat 'til you shear 'em. :)

User Journal

Journal Journal: missing000

I'd just like to thank Slashdot's own missing000 for helping me out with my fascinating cybersecurity research.

Here is a comment from missing000.

Subject: Stopping censorware

Hi, seth.

I enjoy your work and appreciate what you are doing for Slashdot. Enclosed, please find a confidential code listing from a major censorware program.

Using my highly-developed brain, I deconstructed the code. There were more than 500,000 web sites in there, including Slashdot and my own web site.

Thank you again, missing000, truly a great hero in the fight against Michael Sims.

The 2000 Beanies

Journal Journal: I am me, dammit!

I would like to take some time to address Mr. Michael Sims, the stupid assmonkey who has been downvoting my comments and posting anonymous messages accusing me of being a fraud.

I, Seth Finklestein, am an award-winning anti-censorware advocate. Although millions of copies of my book "Censorware and You: Why Michael Sims is a Stupid Ugly Whore" have been sold, I still have detractors. While some might suggest that these detractors are puppets of the censorware companies exacting their revenge, I have a simple answer: they are all Michael Sims.

If you ever see a comment asking me to "attest" to the validity of my award-winning opinions, just ignore it. If you have moderation points, moderate me up and moderate the anonymous trolls down. If you ask me, logged-in posters like me are the real heroes today.

Thank you.

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Journal Journal: Stop moderating me down! 2

I would like to call attention to the fact that Michael Sims, Slashdot's most biased editor, has been systematically downvoting my posts. This cannot stand. I would now like to call for a complete and total boycott of Slashdot, especially Michael Sims.

It was bad enough that Michael Sims stole my pride and joy, the Censorware Project, but now he is causing my voice not to be heard. This cannot stand.

The life of a repo man is always intense.