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Comment: Re:Thermodynamic equilibrium is not required (Score 1) 211

by SessionExpired (#47874141) Attached to: Information Theory Places New Limits On Origin of Life

What about the tons of dust and debris that fall to Earth every single day? What about the heat this planet radiates out, the loss of gases that occur naturally?

I was just thinking about this today, after explaining to my kids how the Earth races around the Sun (and itself), and still we can't feel it.

Is the Earth slowly gaining or losing mass?

+ - European iPhone Chargers Prone to Overheating

Submitted by jones_supa
jones_supa (887896) writes "Apple has announced a "replacement program" for European iPhone AC/DC adapters sold between October 2009 and September 2012 after discovering they may overheat and thus pose a safety risk. The affected adapter, model A1300, was bundled with European sales of the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S, and was also sold separately. By a quick estimate, there must be millions of A1300s in the wild. The specific technical reason causing the overheating has not been detailed (a YouTube video shows a teardown of the device). The A1300 was replaced by an almost-identical adapter, A1400, in 2012, which is not affected by the safety issue. For more details on how to identify the affected adapter, and to arrange a replacement, visit Apple's dedicated portal for the issue."

+ - How to protect your USB-key?

Submitted by SessionExpired
SessionExpired (642030) writes "I just lost my keychain, with house keys and USB-key. On the USB-key was files that describe who I am, what I do and where I live: all the things you need to break into my house and ruin my life. That must never happen again. My best idea is to put a ReadMe with the contact email (not more), in case it gets lost, and then use an encrypted volume. But can I be sure to open the volume everywhere? What format is best? Along those lines: is PDF password protection the same in Acrobat Reader, FoxIt, Preview etc I have removed password from PDF files (just because they annoyed me)."

Comment: Re:My solution for fixing Windows 8 (Score 1) 578

by SessionExpired (#43905105) Attached to: A Serious Proposal To Fix Windows 8

The main reason why Linux on the desktop hasn't been very succesful is largely a marketing problem in my opinion

Marketing is not the only problem. From ActivInspire for Linux:

sudo apt-nøgle tilføj Promethean.asc

Hvis alt går som planlagt, vil den sidste linje du ser være OK
(Sørg for at indtaste teksten som den er – især det store P i Promethean)

I did not translate anything from the page. The last line says that you should make sure to type the text exactly as shown, including the capital P in Promethean.

Comment: Re:Incomplete science... (Score 3, Informative) 327

Since I submitted the story, the full report has been made public, and the biology teacher involved in the experiment has commented on various details.

Based on information from these two links, I'll try to answer your questions (my translations).

-Wifi and GSM are on different bands so why speculate cell phones could also have the same effect?

The report doesn't explain this. It goes from "We want to study the effects of radiation from cell phones" in one paragraph to "we'll be doing this by [...] cress seeds placed near Wifi hotspots or not" a bit later. The teacher notes "For newer 3G or LTE connections, the difference [compared to AP frequencies] is minimal".

-Did they repeat the experiment using the same plant seed type more than once?

They used seeds from several bags, mixed together and then divided in 12 lots.

-Did they note the temperature, humidity and sunlight available in each room at regular intervals or used any data logging equipment?

Not according to the report. From the teacher: "windows of similar size and both facing south" and "computer controlled temperature (18 deg. Celsius)".

-What kind of rooms, and were they in the same home? Were they the students bedrooms or what?

The report doesn't say. From the teacher: "Access control: only a select group of people can access the 'depotrum' used for the experiment". 'Depotrum' could mean a room used by janitors, to keep books etc.

-Were both testbeds receiving the same amount of sunlight for the same amount of time?

The report says "both windowsills [?, the lowest part of the window frame, facing into the room] were facing south, so we could ensure that all plates were receiving the same amount of sunlight". See note from teacher above.

-Did they try other plant seeds? Or buy the same plant seeds but from different vendors to compare?

No other plant seeds were tested. It is not clear from report or teacher if the bags mentioned above were from the same vendor.

-Did they try to repeat the experiment with the router off to isolate the possibility the rooms environments played a role?

The report doesn't mention this. According to the teacher, they did run the experiment twice, not to test differences between the rooms, but to test if network traffic played any role. The first run was made with the AP only announcing ESSID, the second run had the laptops pinging each other [constantly, I assume].

They used roline wireless routers for the experiment.

Comment: Re:What about Ron Paul? (Score 2) 375

by SessionExpired (#41080673) Attached to: A Call For Science Policy Debate Among Presidential Candidates

I am actually a registered member of

Could somebody please explain this voter registration system to a non-US citizen? What's the purpose? Who benefits from it?

In my country, I'm free to choose whoever I like in the voting booth on election day. I don't have to show any previous affiliation with any party. Nobody knows who I voted for last time, nobody knows who I'll vote for next time (including me).

Comment: Re:Don't (Score 1) 454

by SessionExpired (#41024061) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Best Setup a School Internet Filter?

trust them to behave, or simply don't care if they don't behave- there's still no real evidence that kids accessing say, porn, causes any actual harm anyway.

That is how it works in reality. All other "solutions" would be worse. I can remember exactly one episode from the last couple of years.

"One Architecture, One OS" also translates as "One Egg, One Basket".