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Linux Business

Servo's Journal: We're hiring! Boston metro area

Journal by Servo

For those of you in the Boston metro area or wouldn't mind working in said area, my employer is looking to hire a manager on a contract basis to interface with a very difficult customer. This may not be a long term position depending on how things go, nor would you really want to stay here long term anyway to be honest.

This position requires understanding of Storage Management (Netbackup familiarity a huge plus). The job is managing a small team (myself - the technical team lead / consultant, a mid level support engineer, and a junior support engineer/tape operator.) on customer premise. We are a "managed service" company who's acting as a subcontractor in an outsourced IT environment.

To put it bluntly, we need someone who has balls but is tactful. You'll be expected to interface with the primary outsourcer as well as the client, both of whom expect and demand something for nothing. You'll also be expected to fight for our cause and work with other groups in our company who'm need more than gentle prodding to make significant required changes to improve service delivery. Last but not least, you'll need to fit in with our tight knit team already in place. We need leadership, not wholesale changes and won't put up with another cowboy.

This is without a doubt a very challenging client and situation, but I think its a good job for someone with the right mindset and ambition.

If interested, please shoot me an email with some info and your resume and I'll forward you on to the Director if you pass our turing test.

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We're hiring! Boston metro area

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