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Comment: Linux and Graphics (Score 1) 504

by Serious Lemur (#25393833) Attached to: Ask Blizzard Employees About Things That Matter
I would pay through the nose for a Linux or BSD version of Starcraft 2, but only if it worked as well as the Windows version. What is being done to make Starcraft 2 equally available to users of all operating systems? Similarly, what if anything is being done to make Starcraft 2 fully playable on lower-end systems, particularly those without powerful video cards? One of the things I like best about Brood War is that I can play it on a lower-end laptop, which only supports integrated graphics. Will it be possible for me to do the same with Starcraft 2 (will it be possible to turn the graphics down low enough?) or would you be asking me and players like me to buy new systems for this game?

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