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Comment Re:Maryland already has this (Score 1) 393

And in Ontario, but I don't think you have the option of overriding it (short of unplugging their fancy new thermostat and sticking the old one back on). Ontario Hydro also gives you a $25 credit on your bill: WOO HOO! WATCH OUT! BIG SPENDERS!

Not worth it for a new thermostat.

Comment Re:Sample size issue? (Score 1) 449

You are absolutely correct, I am just a random guy on slashdot. I'm not a "scientist", and have a limited knowledge of biology and genetics. However, I do have some experience with reporting study results - I administer surveys, analyze the data, and report. And if I were to base my conclusions on 29 respondents, regardless of who they were or how carefully they were selected, I would feel obligated to include a section on the limitations of the study.

Repeat this study with a larger sample to remove other possible coincidental effects, and maybe you might have something. Then when I apply for insurance, the company can check my genetics and hit me with 30% penalty and blame it on my genes.

Comment Re:Tape (Score 2, Insightful) 310

How is this the only post mentioning duct tape?!?!
It has a million uses. Attaching paper to vertical surfaces is one. Fixing a hole in a canoe. Building a new wallet. Helping babies crawl (don't ask).
Duct tape - plain old gray sticky tape with a mesh - is usually the first thing I turn to.

Comment Fingers in their ears (Score 1) 486

You know the best part of this whole Spore issue? EA doesn't even want to hear from us about it. They simply don't care.

Try finding a way to tell EA that you're not interested in buying their games with the current DRM scheme. Or try telling them you like it! It doesn't matter, they don't want to hear from you.

Every contact us button I have found requires you to have an account and login. There is no forum on the official Spore website. The EA website has forums, but none for Spore. Do a search for "Spore Forum" on the EA site and you find NOTHING.

It's pretty clear they want to hear from us. That's fine. I no longer want to hear from them. I'm self-imposing a 2 year ban on ALL EA games. I have purchased many over the years, and I had planned on purchasing several this year. Now, I will neither purchase new ones or play old ones.

I can understand EA wanting to put DRM on their games, I really do. I don't understand them not wanting feedback from long-time customers.

All great ideas are controversial, or have been at one time.