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Comment Re:This wasn't delayed by injustice (Score -1, Troll) 134 134

This was indeed quite just. Jews spread lies and perversion wherever they have power, and severely discriminate against others. Universities during the third reich were just like here. Jews were a tiny fraction of the population, yet were 30% of the student body and often the majority of teachers.

For 2,000 years, almost all people of the world have extricated this cancer from their nations, and so it will continue.

Sieg Heil!

Comment Re:New fangled technology (Score 1) 86 86

Man, you kids who have no ability to tell the truth. 1997?

There were virtually no consumer products using USB in 1997. It didn't become remotely well known until Apple starting using it in 1998.

Maybe you purchased a new stereo at some point?

Comment Re:This isn't a question (Score -1, Troll) 623 623

You seem to be a retard who can't think for himself. Every civilization in the history of mankind has condemned sodomy and never define marriage as anything but between a man and women.

You want to claim every people in history were a bunch of fools, be my guest. But, only other fools will believe you.

Comment Re:Just like PC's I want reliability and eficiency (Score 1) 287 287

An enclosed motorcycle?

Don't be a pussy. Just get a real motorcycle.

And, 84mpg is bullshit for that thing. A 1/4 liter honda CB250, which has probably the most fuel efficient small displacement engine ever built, doesn't even get that much and it weighs 350 pounds.

Comment Re:Wilders didn't campaign to ban de Quran as such (Score 1) 1097 1097

What is amazing is how people like yourself can make such claims. Such is the power of propaganda.

A thinking person would simply question all accounts of "genocide" as it is a criminal offense in virtually all of Europe to refuse to believe that such genocide even occurred. What kind of truth requires that level of coercion?

Moreover, it is simply a book. Wouldn't a thinking person want to read the autobiography of a man so vilified?

Apparently not, because if you did - you would be able to see for yourself that 1) Most of Adolf Hitler's criticisms were indeed quite reasonable and 2) he did not advocate genocide at any point.

What causes people like yourself to simply accept everything you see on television? I just couldn't imagine being such a follower that I lack any ability to think critically.

Comment Re:"xenophobic fascist" (Score 1) 1097 1097

That is not what Geert Wilders is claiming. See, the reason we have different countries is because people are different. Muslims and Arabs and Africans are free to practice their unique ways in their own countries. There is simply no reason for those people to be in Europe, and there is no reason for them to import their particular ways of life into a society against the will of those people already there.

Ultimately however, your personal belief in radical equality just doesn't matter. War is coming. Multiculturalism has failed, and Muslims will cease being in Europe within a generation. This will occur peacefully or violently. It is probably best if you simply accept this, and encourage all people to practice their unique ways in their own countries. When in Rome, do as the Romans do and all that. You know, basic common sense.

Comment Re:Unless (Score 1) 301 301

Nazis did not persecute blacks at all. There were perhaps 20,000 in Germany. They could not join german specific groups like the SS or hitler youth, and could not get into many university programs, but they were otherwise left alone. There was no segregation. They could hold most jobs, or join the regular german army.

A great personal account.

Comment Re:Unless (Score 1) 301 301

See, why do you care? Why does this cause such an emotional response?

Does it make you feel special?

"I, Pumpkin Tuna, believe everything my teachers taught me, what is shown to me on television, and what 25 nations enforce under penalty of imprisonment."

Do you really feel courageous?

Comment Re:Unless (Score 1) 301 301

You are indeed correct, oh wise member of the tribe of Levi.

I don't really care one way or the other regarding the number, but I will never believe in any truth that comes with a prison sentence for nonbelievers. 60 million is way higher than anything I have heard, but I suppose it could be true.

As for evolution, you need to learn about science. It is a hypothesis I consider almost certainly correct, but it has never been observed.

See, this is what people like you do. You demand blind faith, and desire to punish those who disagree with you. You either mock people or outright persecute them. This ultimately is why your people are hated all over the world .

Never ask two questions in a business letter. The reply will discuss the one you are least interested, and say nothing about the other.