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by Serenissima (#47049679) Attached to: The Sci-Fi Myth of Robotic Competence
I see what you're saying. My takeaway was that he wasn't saying robots weren't more competent at specific things (in fact, he commented on how they can do very specific things much better than humans) but that they're not competent in replacing all human tasks. In the example he gave, he said a car-welding robot could weld faster and better than a human, but if asked to install upholstery in the car, it'd probably destroy it.

As part of that, cars are looking like they're going to be robots that are significantly more competent at driving than we'll ever be - but they'd make horrible robots to help an old lady go the bathroom in a nursing home, or any number of tasks not related to driving.

They're not competent in their ability to be "Bishop" from Aliens, but they are/will be plenty competent in driving. :)

Comment: Potential Risks of Invasive Species (Score 3, Insightful) 59

If particular species have gone extinct, then I would assume their environment could no longer support them. If we manage to bring back those species, and introduce them into environments that could support them, it seems that we have the potential to unbalance that ecosystem by introducing an invasive species which has no natural predator there. How would you manage this risk?

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Because this is Slashdot. Anytime there's ANY post (positive or negative) about Apple, Microsoft, or any other large technology company, there will always be an inane, anti-"whichever company is being discussed" comment from the person who says, "You still use [product/software/operating system] from [company]?? The only true way to use a computer is by using the command line on [random Linux distro] running off of a Beowulf Cluster of Raspberry Pi's - Just like I have setup!!! If you use anything else, you're a loser!"

And there's always that guy somewhere. It's uncanny.

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I was in the Geology department and I also ran the Geology 100 "Rocks for Jocks" lab ;). There were a lot of athletes (not just football players) who took that class. We had to have them measure something on a Map for a lab in millimeters, and then convert that measurement into Kilometers. I wish I was joking, but multiple came up and asked us for new rulers. When asked why, they said (and I have to reiterate, this was MULTIPLE people, not just one person) that the instructions said to measure in Millimeters and their rulers only had Inches and Centimeters on them. At first, we thought they were having fun, but we realized they really didn't know the dashes between the centimeters were millimeters. Again, in a COLLEGE-level class, we had to write on the board, "1 Centimeter = 10 Millimeters".

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If you were in the honors program AND you played football, that's awesome! I have nothing but respect for you. However, I remember my roommate in college who played football. He took a Bio 100 class and one of his assignments was to cut apart paper bonds and tape them together to form paper molecules. In COLLEGE. And he told me how the coaches would give the football players lists of classes and which professors to take because they were easier to pass. You must realize you're an exception to the rule? And I'm not saying that all football players are dumb - I've listened to and learned about some pro-players and they're incredibly intelligent. But while you were studying and making honor roll, think about the majority of your teammates. Looking back, do you think we should still we should still put such a significant amount of money into football instead of investing that in education? Intelligent people can enjoy football, but do you really believe that football (or most sports) encourages the development of an intelligent society when a large amount of people don't have to be intelligent to play it?

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And it depends on your tastes. I used to have a remote job traveling around the country. I have several hundred DVD's that I purchased and have since ripped onto a hard drive. I have instant access to hundreds of movies and dozens of TV shows that I legally paid for. But honestly, I watch Netflix and Hulu more than any of the giant library I have because...well, I've already seen my movies and TV Shows. At this point in my life, I don't have a burning desire to watch every video I have again. So, I have a giant video library that gets used rarely. Streaming content is significantly better in this area for me because I don't have time/want to watch video again after I see it once.

Now music, on the other hand, is completely different. If there's music that I like, I go out and actually by the CD's and rip the music myself. Music IS something I consume repeatedly and it is very worth the money for me to have a big library of my own music. Pandora has its uses, I've found several artists I like through it!

Streaming isn't destroying anything and as long as there are people somewhere who are willing to pay to watch or listen to something as many times as they want, other people will sell it that way. If there is a demand, there will be a supply. And demand is generated by your tastes. It's kind of silly to think of a future where EVERYTHING is ONLY streaming ALL THE TIME because that won't happen as long as there is money to be made!

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You have no idea. If there's anything wrong with your iPhone software, there's no other recourse but to wipe it. Like I said, I was never a tech, but I frequently helped them check in people when it was busy. I would say at least 70% of mobile appointments ended the customer restoring the phone, or leaving to do a backup to come back and have the techs do it. It's also hard to believe how few people actually back up their mobile devices.

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I doubt it, there's probably some weird reason, but I couldn't tell you exactly why. I personally have a mac mini connected to my TV with iTunes open all the time. I have it set to auto download any purchases I make and my phone is set to wirelessly sync with it when its charging. All of that is to make sure the library on my computer always has all my files. That way, if I ever NEED it, I can always re-sync. It has come in handy for the few apps I have that are no longer on the App Store!

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I used to work at an Apple Store. I was never a tech, so take this with a grain of salt. It's PROBABLY not related to the system update but more than likely something bad on the phone itself. If you see the usage and standby meters the same like you do, you're right, something is hung up in the background. The best thing to do is to make sure you have a backup and restore the phone. If there's something hanging in the background for a while, you'll start to notice your phone acting funny. Like the battery life problem. Left alone for long enough and you'll start getting corrupted data into the phone because of it which will make your phone act really strange. Apps constantly crashing to the point of unusability, it can become unresponsive on certain parts of the screen, etc. And that corrupted data can eventually get copied into the backup file - meaning that any restore from the backup will bring that problem right back.

To Back Up - First copy all photos and videos from the phone to the computer. They will fill up your iCloud space really fast. Then look for Apps that hold documents. Most apps are really just portals to websites so they contain little to no data. However, for apps that contain files, make sure you have those files backed up somewhere. Then backup the phone to either iCloud or by plugging it into iTunes. Plug it into iTunes in either case and also right-click on the phone and hit Transfer Purchases. That will transfer any apps, music, movies, etc that are not currently on the computer from the phone.

So easiest to hardest steps after backing up all data:
1: Reset All Settings: Go to Settings>General>Reset All Content and Settings. Then restore from backup. This can kill a lot of problems and takes maybe 15 minutes. However, if the problem is deep in the system...
2: Restore from Backup: Plug the phone into iTunes and do a System Restore. This will do a clean install and will clear a lot more problems. Then restore from backup. Now, if the problem persists, your backup is more than likely corrupted so...
3: Restore the Phone: Do the same process as above but do not restore from the backup. You can re-sync to iCloud for contacts and re-sync apps from the computer (or re-download them). Essentially you're starting with a fresh system and just copying the apps back over. You'll lose your app data, so maybe some high scores in some games, nothing too bad. However, if the problem persists even after doing this...
4: DFU Restore: Look up how to do this online. If none of the above have fixed it, there's some bad juju on your phone. A DFU will reinstall the system AND the firmware. Just to be on the safe side, I would advise not restoring from backup. If your phone was borked enough that it needed a DFU restore, don't take the chance of putting stuff back on there. Just copy the apps back.

All in all, they're very easy steps to do and when all is said and done, you can have your phone back up and running in about 30 min with any of the above steps. Hope it helps, Cheers!

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