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Comment: Re:He continues to show himself to be ... (Score 1) 230

by Seranfall (#47197613) Attached to: Musk Will Open Up Tesla Supercharger Patents To Spur Development
Agreed. While there are many that may not agree with some of his vision he has shown to be an impressive businessman. He currently controls two of the most advanced companies in emerging technologies in the world. Tesla is moderately successful and shows lot's of promise. Space X is the top private space company and may be soon flying astronauts to the ISS. None of their competitors are even close to that. We need more people in business that are not all about the almighty buck. There needs to be risk for there to be innovation. Maybe he can show others that being open and working towards a competitive environment will be better for all involved. I won't discount though that there is plenty of self-serving interest with this announcement. That isn't a bad thing. Tesla gets help while making it easier for others to compete and the electric car market gets a huge boost.

Comment: Re:About Time! (Score 2) 40

by Seranfall (#46235807) Attached to: Researchers Unveil High-Speed Laser Communications Device For Space

I've invested way too much time to movies and books to not see laser communications, to at the very least, to the moon in my lifetime. There are many authors that have enjoyed my 25 cents or less of royalties they received that should finally be vindicated by including laser based communications in their books! to.. damnit..

Comment: About Time! (Score 1) 40

by Seranfall (#46235803) Attached to: Researchers Unveil High-Speed Laser Communications Device For Space
I've invested way too much time to movies and books to not see laser communications, to at the very least, to the moon in my lifetime. There are many authors that have enjoyed my 25 cents or less of royalties they received that should finally be vindicated by including laser based communications in their books!

Comment: Just lost a customer (Score 1) 405

by Seranfall (#46032665) Attached to: Network Solutions Opts Customer Into $1,850 Security Service
I have one domain hosted with Network Solutions. While they are more expensive than many others I've been pretty happy with the service I've received. I've never had problems with their website and I've always found it easy to navigate. As a consumer, I talk with my wallet since that is the only thing companies car about. I'll be moving my domain to another provider. It's sad when companies do stuff like this. How the hell does this stuff get approved?

Comment: Die hard PC gamer.. very impressed (Score 2) 139

by Seranfall (#45106571) Attached to: Valve Shows How Steam Controller Works In Real Life
I haven't owned a console since the NES. I've always been a PC gamer. I rarely play games with a anything other than a keyboard and mouse. I'm honestly impressed at what they have come up with. I'll seriously consider buying a steam machine once they are readily available. I think Valve has done a great job so far. It will be very interesting to see if it is successful and see what the competition does in response.

Comment: Re:That makes no sense... (Score 1) 274

The last couple of guys who did the election fraud thing... Got to be president.

And this one goes to jail?

Talk about double standards...

I guess his mistake was he was smalltime.. You have to go HUGE if you're going into crime. Then you're too big to fail!

Where is your proof of that claim that there was election fraud in the last presidential election? Once again some AC spouting crap with nothing to back it up. Let me guess, you read it on Facebook so it must be true.

Comment: Re:Plea bargaining (Score 2) 274

Yet another American deprived of his right to a trial. No doubt they would have tried to send him to prison for a decade or more if he decided to exercise his rights.

A year in prison is probably a fair outcome if the story is as described. But he deserves to have a jury decide that, and not face absurd amounts of time in prison if he wants a jury trial.

He chose not to fight the charges. He was not deprived of his right to a trial. He could of plead not guilty. How about maybe he felt bad about what he did and actually plead guilty because he is in fact guilty. Maybe he decided to actually take personal responsibility for his actions and acknowledge in a court of law that what he did was wrong. Since your not his lawyer all you can do is speculate on his reasons for pleading guilty.

Comment: Re:Do they tell us? (Score 5, Interesting) 91

by Seranfall (#43941179) Attached to: New In-Memory Rootkit Discovered By German Hoster

The interesting question... is Hetzner sloppy about security, more so than it's competitors, or are they actually more vigilant and/or more forthcoming about breaches? I have the uncomfortable hunch that we do not hear about a lot of breaches at all the cloud sevices/hosters out there.

My real fear is that it's not because of willful lack of reporting of the breeches, but that the breeches are going on completely undetected that we aren't hearing more about them.

Comment: I actually upgrade CPUs (Score 1) 1009

by Seranfall (#42098707) Attached to: Is Intel Planning To Kill Enthusiast PCs?
I've used AMD hardware for years for the main reason that sockets don't change often. On my old system I upgraded through 4 different CPUs while still using the same motherboard up to the 6 core I run now. About a year ago I replaced everything except the CPU and video card, with the intent of upgrading the CPU when the next gen AMDs come out. I run multiple systems and have upgraded just the CPU or just the motherboard on several over the years. I was seriously considering moving to Intel when I get a new system since AMD is having a hard time of keeping their performance in-line with Intel. I can tell you I definitely won't be doing that now. I spend thousands on computer gear every year and at least for the time being it will continue to go towards CPUs, GPUs, and Chipsets made by AMD.

Comment: Re:No one likes space sims? (Score 1) 86

by Seranfall (#28895635) Attached to: <em>Jumpgate Evolution</em> Dev Talks Class Balance
Any MMO that explores a genre that isn't heavily saturated in the market is a very good thing. Do you really want another fantasy MMO. Eve is great but we really don't need another game like it. It has it's niche and serves that niche very well. Gamers should be rejoicing that there is something new in a genre that hasn't seen a decent online game in years. It may suck it may not, but at least it's not another WoW clone. Is balancing the game around PvP a good thing? There isn't a single person on slashdot that knows for sure if it will be a boon or a bust. I just don't understand why JGE seems to get so maligned. If this was a fantasy MMO that was announcing it was being balanced towards PvP slashdot would probably be rejoicing.

Comment: Re:Just go with AD (Score 1) 149

by Seranfall (#28213903) Attached to: Directory Service Implementation From Scratch?
I completely agree. If your a full linux shop and money for server software is an issue than OpenLDAP or something similar may be a good solution. However, with windows clients in the mix you should definitely stick with AD. Just about anything will interface with AD in some manner. Also there is far far greater support for AD then your going to find with any of the other directory services out there right now.

Comment: This is why sony is losing market share (Score 1) 708

by Seranfall (#28095657) Attached to: Sony CEO Proposes "Guardrails For the Internet"
I've recently been taking a management class that uses Re-Imagine! by Tom Peters as the text book. There are so many things talked about in the book that parallel the problems that companies like Sony are having right now. The large companies and their dominance in some industries is failing. This is in large part due to their lack of ability to adapt to a new global market place and the new technology. The Internet has completely changed the face of how most companies do business. Those who aren't willing or able to throw off the old completely and risk everything for the new will be pushed to the wayside. The movie and music companies are learning this the hard way and it's showing. There complete lack of focus on developing new money streams and new innovative ways to deliver content to their customers is driving customers away in droves. Think of where online entertainment could be right now if they had chosen a different path? What would of happened if they had embraced the Internet early on instead of these RIAA and MPAA chest beating?

Sony's attitude is just a symptom of what is effecting much of big business throughout the world. They are too afraid to take the risk needed to stay the top of their respective industries. Sony should be embracing the Internet and see it as a great opportunity to grow their business and provide an outstanding service and product to its customers. Instead they see it a roadblock. Something they need to control or hamper so they can continue to do business as they see fit instead of in the manner their customers demand. -Seranfall

Never worry about theory as long as the machinery does what it's supposed to do. -- R. A. Heinlein