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Comment Re:No Worries (Score 2) 202 202

The English-speaking media had a lot of editorials on the issues (but no 6 O'clock news stories about it)

The French-speaking media has been *very* quiet on the issue: I saw a 2 article written in 3 months. At least in both cases they gave equal time to Micheal Geist and CMPAA / CRIA

Nobody around me seems to care about the issue... Yet it will have a lot of very real consequences on own you can use stuff you own.

The sad thing is: this law is presented has the one that will stop illegal downloading... It might give more power to copyright distributors, but it won't truly stop P2P and such...

yet, to give more power to these corporations (not even copyright holders, we are talking about copyright distributors), they have to take away mine: I won't be able to do whatever I want with the stuff I bough.

Whatever I try to bring up this issue around me, I'm getting labeled as a pirate who just wants everything free, yet, I have nothing to do with this sort of behavior. I just want to be a criminal for trying to copy music for a DRM-covered CD to my unlocked Nokia N95. I paid for the damn CD, and I paid for the damn unlocked phone. It this too much too ask?
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Live Blogs From the Hans Reiser Trial 300 300

whoever57 writes "The Hans Reiser trial has been underway for some time now, the prosecution is moving towards the end of its case. For those interested, not only in the outcome of the trial, but a detailed description of the trial, including some insights into police methods, two reporters are live-blogging. One report is by Henry K. Lee for the San Francisco Chronicle and the other is by David Kravets and published by Wired"
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Journal Journal: Women in IT

I just seen this story, And while i can't comment on it (else everyone loses the mods point I given them) I DO have an opinion I'd like to share.

Ok, First of all Women ARE different from Men. Even if it's just physical, there ARE differences. It's a Fact.
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Journal Journal: Water bad for Electronics

It sucks when you get waken up at 5h30-6h in the morning on a day off. It sucks even more when it's the leaking wall that wakes you up.

I live in a dorm. A 12 story high Dorm. Someone on the 10th floor forgot to close the window during the night. Hard to believe he 'forgot' considering it's 10 Degrees Celsius Below the freezing point outside.

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