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Comment Re:What about future tenants? (Score 1) 269

That's exactly it. When we bought our house, we were informed that the house had fiber pre-installed. I didn't worry too much about it, because I'd read many stories of folks simply re-activating the copper, if it was still there.

Guess what? The copper is still there at my house, but Verizon flat out refused to turn up service on it. I was pissed. I was paying $14.95/month for my Verizon DSL at my apartment, but since Verizon wouldn't turn up the copper service at the new house, we couldn't transition that service over; instead the best they could do was their low-end FIOS service at $39.99/month, or almost 3 times what I was paying. Sure, it's faster, but I don't spend all my time online, so I didn't care. I went around and around with them for days, before I finally talked them into all sorts of discounts (which, btw, I need to call them on as they've mysteriously stopped my 6 months of discounts after just 4) to make it somewhat reasonable.

The only saving grace is the copper is still there, and if I hook a phone up to it, I can probably still dial 911 or use a calling card. But how many residents have the technical skills to re-wire their phone box?

Needless to say, when this contract is up, Verizon will see none of my business. Currently they have the best deal on cell service for my needs, by far, but I refuse to do business with them, even to the detriment of my pocketbook.

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