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Comment A few seconds? (Score 2) 51

I do my best to avoid places with earthquakes, but if I ever go to an earthquake zone, what the fuck am I gonna do with those "few seconds" warning that this app would provide me? Unless I can somehow use those seconds to board a hot air balloon, what can I possibly do with a few seconds if the earth is about to open up, besides take the opportunity to plant a big wet goodbye kiss on my own ass?

I admit that I've been fortifying myself with spirits in order to work up the courage to go out into the cold to walk the dog, so maybe I'm missing something.

Comment Re:So, now is it finally legal to... (Score 1) 555

I keep telling my wife that this is why I want to install a really loud air horn in my car, think semi truck loud, but she says no.

Years ago, I had a '77 Civic wagon in which the previous owner had installed a truck horn with a big yellow button on the dash. Since he also had disconnected the regular horn, I'd have to use that when the driver in front of me wasn't paying attention at a stop light. I'd get some pretty interesting reactions.

I don't know why he would have installed such a loud horn on the car, but it was probably because the original equipment was barely a little squeak.

Comment Re:Good for consumers? (Score 3, Informative) 73

No they aren't. They use a lot less battery power, but they provide far less accurate results. But if you want to keep the location on for an extended period, you need to use network or you'll kill your battery.

Want proof? Look at your maps app- it still uses GPS. And it eats through battery- you can feel your phone heat up when using it, and you can see the battery drop like a rock when navigation is on.

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