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+ - Pirate Bay co-founder arrested in northeastern Thailand->

SeeingMole writes: Thai immigration police arrested 36-year-old Fredrik Neij, aka TiAMO, while driving a car to pass through the border checkpoint from Laos into Thailand with his Lao wife.
He was wearing the same shirt that he wore in his arrest warrant photo.
In 2009, Neij was convicted along with Per Svartholm Warg, Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi and Carl Lundstroem of "assisting in making copyright content available" in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Comment: Re:Evidence? (Score 1) 102 102

Actually, who knows, perhaps the job interviewer may also be the second person on this planet who hasn't heard about bitcoin. There, I corrected it for ya: "There's this guy that people claimed invented Bitcoin who wants a job here" "What's "bitcom"? Please, send him in"

You are an insult to my intelligence! I demand that you log off immediately.